Don’t Cry For Me in Aleppo

“Just societies cannot be run by big money or armed forces with their too narrow agendas.” ~ Plato

In Syria’s case the fight has been not only been with traditional opposition rebels, but also Western and NATO countries teamed up with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey to carve Syria into spheres of influence, in a classic throwback to the old colonial days. And when that did not work, the Western and Gulf State Intel agencies unleashed a large-scale terror war against the Syrian people to help tip the scales in their favor − and it almost worked.

But the above-mentioned scoundrels had another institutional helper in their dirty deed. Western media became the Syria-busters’ PR weapon to keep the Assad regime and its supporters under constant assault. Running a multi-year proxy terrorist regime change operation required a steady smokescreen operation, and I have had a front row seat watching it reach its peak during the current Aleppo battle.

by Jim Dean, NEO: 

“Just societies cannot be run by…

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