Donetsk republic leader expects Kiev’s offensive in Donbass

“We have said on many occasions that Ukraine has become a terrorist state. It will suffice to recall hundreds of terrorist acts, which Kiev has committed against our civilians. Now, after an attempt to commit a terrorist act in Crimea, i.e. against Russian civilians, the entire world has got convinced in that,” Zakharchenko said.

In Zakharchenko’s opinion, Kiev will launch a combat operation precisely in Donbass as “it still hopes to overcome militia fighters with the use of military force,” We have been expecting a resumption of hostilities in Donbass to occur before the end of summer. Poroshenko has spent huge sums on rearming his forces and the far right part of his junta, particularly Dmitry Yarosh and his Pravy Sektor party have been agitating for a renewed assault on Donbass.

from Veterans Today: 

Several weeks ago they stormed the parliament in Kiev to protest that Poroshenko must not allow the LPR and DPR to hold elections, insisting an attack must be made before they can hold elections in order to prevent them through force of arms. What is most concerning is that this regional conflict has massive potential to spread into a wider and far more destructive conflict – the spark that…

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