George Soros: Europe Needs to Wake Up and Recognize That it is Attacking Russia

Based on the number of documents, content, high level communications with European Union and U.S. government officials, it is obvious that the Soros group has some sort of large financial investment in the removal of Russian influence and economic relationships in Eastern Europe. There are numerous other documents about Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. which indicate that the Soros group wishes to eradicate nationalist influence and introduce globalist ideology into their nation’s structure. Sadly for old George, it would appear nations are starting to rebel against the globalist ideology he promotes and the end result will be the old method of last resort to win the day

The emails that were leaked via DC Leaks are indicative of an American State Department which formerly under Hillary Clinton is now for sale by John Kerry to conduct subversive operations including anything from economic sabotage to vast propaganda operations across Europe and social media worldwide.

by John Galt:

The following information is from the DC Leaks organization and their hack of the George SorosOSI(Open Societies Initiatives) and various foundations which front for his operations.

All you need to know about George Soros sponsorship of the Ukrainian conflict against Russia is summed up in this one extract from a January 6, 2015 document, in his own words:

Europe needs to wake up and recognize that it is attacking Russia. Help Ukraine is also regarded as an expense of the EU in defense. In this context, is discussed amounts are insignificant.

Let that sink in boys and girls.

George Soros…

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