U.S. Backed Opposition In Venezuela Attempts To Usher In Monsanto

Regardless, it is up to the Venezuelan people to decide whether or not they keep their president, oust him or do something else. These decisions should be made without U.S. propaganda outlets, U.S. funding and U.S. Intelligence Agencies manipulating situations and causing crises. It should also serve as a reminder to any nation that seeks to resist Anglo-American hegemony that it must not tolerate U.S. or Western NGOs that seek to destabilize their government and their society. These nations must immediately pass legislation that requires these NGOs to fully disclosethe nature of their funding on all written and verbally declared statements as well as their relationship with foreign interests. Others such as the NDI, IRI, OSI and elements of U.S. AID should be banned entirely. If these nations do not begin to recognize the threat and act accordingly, then not only are destabilizations in their future, but Monsanto will be setting up shop as soon as the dust settles.

It seems where ever Monsanto goes, this is preceded by social unrest, political turmoil, economic decline and in extreme cases a civil war. Ukraine being a recent example and a coup engineered by the USA. The out come invariably results in land taken out of the hands of small, medium and large farmers who are the citizens of that country and put into the hands of Monsanto. The politicians are all bought and paid for and often are given vested interests. The concept is sold to the west as “capitalism” but it is anything but. It is corporate fascism and “colonialism” wearing a different mask. The world’s food supply and property ownership put into the ownership of a handful of global companies, Monsanto being one of them. It is the equivalent of the feudal system, except in this case, the Lords of the manor are GMO companies. It is…

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