Welcome to Moscow! Gum Shopping Centre…BEST ICE CREAM EVER



As you read the title of this blog post, you are probably thinking why the hell did I write about Gum,  shopping centre?  What’s so special and epic about this shopping centre that I must spend 3 minutes reading about?

Fair enough.  Very good questions.  Questions I would be asking myself.

And the answer to your fair question is…..


The story is as follows:

I was walking around the Red Square, and needed to use the bathroom really badly.  I saw this building that sort of looks like a shopping mall, and there were a lot of tourists going inside. So I am like hell yea I would get to empty my bladder there.  Walked in, saw a lot of tourists, which is totally normal.

What is not normal was this big ass line waiting for this little shop.

By little shop I…

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