The Odds of a Global Food Crisis Are Rising

“The tyranny of price not only results in a deluge of products of inferior quality that hurts us financially.  The bigger issue in my mind is that we have created a global ‘landfill economy’ that is stripping the natural resource base to the bone and creating pollution on a scale that our increasingly resource constrained future economies will find difficult or impossible to ameliorate.  


The vulnerability of global food production to extremes of weather is a profound reality that few grasp.
Given the current abundance of food globally, confidence in permanent food surpluses and low grain prices is high. Few worry that the present abundance of food could be temporary. But the global food supply is more fragile than we might think, despite historically low grain/agricultural commodity prices.
Both corn and wheat have plummeted in price due to current demand/supply:
Let’s start with one salient fact: there are 7+ billion human mouths to feed nowplus hundreds of millions of animals that are being fed grain to supply humanity’s insatiable appetite for meat:
What few consumers grasp is that the global abundance of food depends on weather extremes remaining rare. If extremes of weather become commonplace, global food surpluses will turn into shortages.
In the larger context…

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