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Russia outside its touristic “facade” Moscow with its Red Square and the Kremlin, St. Petersburg with its palaces, but in an entirely different perspective. Why not pet a wild animal in Vladivostok’s marine reserve, watch bears catch fish, take a walk on Kamchatka’s volcano, or bathe in champagne in Krasnodar region!

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On September 2, Vladivostok will host the Eastern Economic Forum, which will be attended by President Vladimir Putin and Japanese Prime Minister Abe. The forum members will hold a lot of meetings, discussions, round-table discussions and press conferences. And in the evenings, they will be offered an extensive cultural program.

There is a lot to see in Vladivostok: the Maritime scene of the Mariinsky Theatre; Zolotoy Rog Bay; the Russky Bridge, the masterpiece of engineering; Russky Island and hyper-modern campus of the Far Eastern University, where the forum will take place.

Forbes considered Vladivostok one of the most comfortable Russian cities for recreation. National Geographic included it in the top 10 most beautiful coastal cities of the world. From the Peter the Great Gulf even distant islands are visible, some of which are located in the Far Eastern Marine Reserve, the first marine reserve in Russia and the only one, 98% of which is the water area. More than 5,000 species of plant and animal live there.


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These cherished places can not only be seen from a distance — you can go there and even touch some marine creatures. From an environmental standpoint, the reserve has a global significance, because rare birds live there, which are included in the Red List of Korea, China, Japan and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. For those who prefer active holidays, Vladivostok provides plenty of opportunities: windsurfing and kite surfing, diving, sea kayaking and extreme jumping from the cliffs into the sea.

Kamchatka is a true paradise for tourists. Here you can walk along the slope of an active volcano; watch bears catching fish; take a swim and take selfies with the geysers in the background. There are also waterfalls and glaciers there.

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Ice Cave


And that is just a tiny part of mysterious Russia.



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