10 Films from a Different Singapore

The Heartlander Tourist

It used to be books that shaped our view of the world. Today moving pictures shape them. Movies shape our view of a place. The city may only be the backdrop but the backdrop leaves an impression. To millions, Slumdog Millionaire is their mental image of Dehli; the Beijing Olympics 2008 is the mental image of Beijing & China;  Rio 2016 will shape how we see Brazil. Singapore is no different, we have tried to shape the global narrative at the Youth Olympic Games 2010, Formula One, National Day Parades just to name a few. Outside the government narrative, movies like Ilo Ilo add another layer to the image of Singapore.

Here are 10 good movies from vastly different eras and very different storylines linked only by where they were filmed.

Is this the Singapore you expected? How does this perspective change your impression of things?

Singapore may…

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