Welcome to Moscow! Metro Tour..why? because it’s cool!

Finally, the Russian Metro is very simple (in a way).  The main line for most tourists will be the “brown” circle.  Again see map.  You can just get off the train, snap some pictures, take it all in, and board the next train.  Again, ALL FOR 50 Rubles!

Written from Swissotel, Moscow on July 28 2016


Yes Yes. My first reaction to a “Metro Tour” was also what the fuck, why? Why should I go to the metro? I take enough metro back home in Hong Kong. Why am I flying 15+ hours here just to see the metro stop. Why? Easy. Because this is easily the most beautiful metro system in the world.

There are certain stations that was majorly influenced by the Soviet Union. You can see by the architecture, the colors, the lamps, etc. I wouldn’t be able to tell you which stations that I visited because I wasn’t the that prepared the tour. And no we didn’t join a tour. Nope. My lovely colleague just did some research online to see which stations is a must see. So yes, if you ever want to do this just do your own research. Don’t join a tour man!

Seriously, the metro only costs 50…

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