The First Battery Powered Train – Test completed in China


The world’s first battery-powered ‘rollercoaster’ trains which hang from the track suspended in mid-air have been unveiled in China.

The incredible hanging carriages were filmed in action in Chengdu, reaching speeds of up to 60 km/h on the upside down monorail.

The fascinating trains, powered by lithium batteries, will be able to carry 120 passengers in each carriage.

But no official opening date has been announced for the suspended railway, with tests expected to continue following Friday’s successful run.

Zhai Wanming, chief designer of the project, told People’s Daily China that the new train is more cost-effective and environmentally friendly compared to electric and diesel rail systems.

Wangming added: ‘The test runs will continue for tens of thousands of kilometers to check performance capabilities before official operation.’

Chengdu, which also operates an underground Metro system, is the first city in China to officially unveil a suspension railway but the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai will also be opening one next year.

Shanghai announced plans for its futuristic suspended Skytrain last year at the China International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition.


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