Lijiang, China

The river flows eastward under Baishu Bridge and meets Heishui or Black River before emptying into Heibaishui or Black and White River. Heishui River got its name due to the pebbles in the riverbed being black.


In our armchair travels through China we’ve arrived in the Northwest Yunnan Province near Tibet. This has become a popular area for hiking offering fantastic natural scenery. There are many differe…

Source: Lijiang, China


16 thoughts on “Lijiang, China

  1. Hey dear
    I really like & enjoy reading your blog and i think it is one of a kind in the travel sector.
    I have an idea & i hope it will interest you.
    Can you make like a travel interview with me (with questions asked from your side?) I’ll answer them & i’ll publish the interview on my blog?
    What do you think?
    With Love,


  2. I am glad you like the idea Alex.
    Well you can prepare some questions related to travel and to my blog that I can answer. I’ll send you traveling pictures from different cities to include in the interview.
    We’ll make it a fun & interesting interview 🙂
    What do you think?


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