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We have a travel section as you know and most of articles published in that section are from bloggers rather than from people professionally promoting either destination or hotels, bars, restaurants etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with professional promoters and many of them have very good track record and rock solid credibility. However, it is interesting to hear from passionate travelers sharing their experience.

One of prominent bloggers appearing on this site is Maja – passionate traveler and blogger from Beirut, Lebanon. We have contacted Maja and asked her for a brief interview to share her traveling and blogging experience with us.

Here is the interview with Maja

Where are you from originally?

I m from Beirut the capital of Lebanon. It is a very beautiful country in the Middle East in between the sea and the mountains. The country of Khalil Gibran where you can find Byblos the oldest city in the world and the source of the first Phoenician letters that gave us our alphabet.


Do you mostly travel solo or in company with someone else?

All my travels were always within a group of discoverers of the world 🙂

What made you think of starting a blog? And why a TRAVEL blog?

I am a person who is passionate about traveling, who love to discover new cities, new cultures & languages…and everytime I speak about anything related to traveling my eyes brighten a bit more & I feel happy.

A Serbian close friend of mine has always encouraged me to start a travel blog but I was not really sure about that – you know I was like how I am going to manage it, I don’t have enough time for it, all these excuses…. And then one day it was mid-January I was thinking about upcoming goals for the year and I said why not, a travel blog would be like a challenge for me and at the same time a way to share my travel experiences with the world. And I told myself there is no pressure whatsoever… You will only write when you have time.

Then you started it?

Yes! I can tell you at the beginning it was not easy at all. I had to choose the perfect platform so I did lots of research, I read a lot about “blogging”. I was creating the concept in my mind; I wanted the blog to represent me so I put a lot of effort in choosing the theme and context.

What is travel to you?

Travel is a way to learn more about the world. You can tell me that nowadays with all the critical economic difficulties in the world traveling has become a kind of luxury to certain people. Well yes it is but you know what? Saving money to travel is actually worth it! That is why I always encourage people especially young ones to try & save money to travel because once they go out of the environment they live in everything will change for them, this experience will affect them positively. Their interests will change, they’ll have more respect toward humanity, nature and even toward themselves.

To travel is to educate yourself.

What countries have you traveled to?

The first country I visited was Germany, I was very young & I was so taken by this country that I decided to learn German. I did it several years after.

I have went to France 4 times, Spain twice, Portugal, Belgium, Italy also 4 times, Turkey twice, Greece and its islands 3 times and I have discovered recently 4 new countries Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia.

I haven’t been everywhere but it is on my list!

Do you like airplanes?

Well to be passionate about traveling and to be scared from flying is a bit complicated! As for me, i have no problem with airplanes and usually after the take-off I sleep most of the flight.

What’s your favorite travel experience?

This summer I visited “Mokra Gora” mountains in Serbia and we stayed the night in Mecavnik this beautiful wooden town where the movie “Life is a miracle” has been filmed. It was one of a kind experience for me to sleep in a cute wooden chalet with a gorgeous view over the mountains. I will write about it in details in a future post.

If you had to move to one of the countries you’ve visited, which would it be and why?

Rome would be the place. It is such a beautiful place with so much art & beauty wherever you go & of course there is Pizza!!! He he…

Share you secret blogging advice.

It is not really secret. Just be yourself, write from your heart, be passionate about what you’re talking about. I think that will do!

Goal in life.

Someday to have my own travel business.

How you stay healthy when you travel?

I try my best to stay hydrated and to drink a lot of water, I try to eat healthy by not skipping fruits but when you’re traveling it is OK not follow any kind of diet. I also take extra care of my skin when abroad because with changing environments and sometimes going from a very hot city to a cold one, all of that can affect the skin so I always have with me face masks and cream.

And also try to have with you a light jacket and a shawl. When you’re in Europe you can never know when it rains and when the weather is going to change.

Dream travel destination

Prague this romantic beautiful city is definitely on my list.

To find out more about Maja and her travel adventures please visit her blog –


We hope you have enjoyed short chat with Maja.

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