5 Days in Tokyo

Day 1

We actually had 6 nights in Tokyo, but because the first day was partly taken up by travelling from Korea and finding our hostel etc, I’ll leave that part out. By our first full day in Tokyo I was like an excited puppy wanting to explore every part of the city at once. I couldn’t decide on where I wanted to go so we ended up exploring three major districts in one day: Asakusa, Shibuya and Shinjuku. We spent the morning exploring Asakusa, the area surrounding our hostel. It’s a historic district with several temples and shrines, including the Senso-ji Buddhist Temple which was really beautiful. We spent a few hours looking around here and the nearby markets before getting the train to Shibuya, which I couldn’t wait to see. Shibuya is the most recognisable part of Tokyo, with towering buildings covered in neon and flashing billboards, as well as the famous crossing that’s filled with a constant, flowing mass of people at all hours of the day. It’s like a bigger, busier, crazier Times Square. After tasting our first real ramen here (from a restaurant that has you order and pay on a vending machine outside, how Tokyo?) we got the train to nearby Shinjuku. It’s a similarly lit-up mania to Shibuya, but with more nightlife options. We had a few drinks here but it was so expensive, plus 75% of the bars seemed to be strip clubs. One place worth mentioning though is the Mother rock bar, the first place we’ve found since coming to Asia that actually play decent music. I was in shock when we walked in to them playing The Libertines! However at 700 Yen (just under £6) for a small drink, we could hardly afford to stay!

Tokyo is the one place I’ve wanted to go more than anywhere for my whole life, so there was a lot of pressure on this visit. My expectations were extremely high, meaning there was definite po…

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