Round Two – Soros & Google vs. Le Pen

The International Reporter For some time I’ve been urging that the current political-cultural climate should be viewed “whole”, and that we’re witnessing an historical arc of unprecedented uniqueness. We are, I’ve been urging, in one of those periodic paradigm shifts that seems to happen about once every five hundred years, the last one being the … Continue reading Round Two – Soros & Google vs. Le Pen


2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI review

Minor tweaks for benchmark hot hatch   David McCowen Volkswagen's Golf GTI has earned more than a few plaudits across its four decades of history, righting crafting a reputation as the hot hatch by which others are measured. The brand's seventh-generation GTI arrived in 2013, bringing a significant increase in performance as well as a … Continue reading 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI review

Tourism Industry News – Indonesia trying to lure ten million Chinese tourists

  Shì shí shèng yú xióng biàn (actions speak louder than words), according to the Chinese proverb and more action is what Indonesia needs to realize its ambitious goal to attract 10 million tourists from the world’s second-largest economy by 2019. The latest data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) show that even though there … Continue reading Tourism Industry News – Indonesia trying to lure ten million Chinese tourists

Ten years since Putin’s ‘Wake-Up Call’ in Munich

  President Putin's speech to the Munich Security Conference ten years ago was "an invitation for discussion" that has been ignored by Germany and other Western countries to their detriment, former German ambassador Frank Elbe told Sputnik Deutschland   Ten years ago this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a speech at the Munich Security Conference … Continue reading Ten years since Putin’s ‘Wake-Up Call’ in Munich

Continuous Saga – Greece Financial Problems

Is Greece Really On The Verge Of Another Financial Crisis? by Milton Ezrati The Strategic Culture Foundation,  Just about every adult on earth has seen this show before. Greece faces a debt repayment that it cannot meet: for this performance, €86 billion due in July. It needs fresh bailout funds from the European Union and/or … Continue reading Continuous Saga – Greece Financial Problems