Trump officials continue to answer questions from CNN during the daily press briefings. But, the bottom line of this tiff is that people like press secretary Sean Spicer and US Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway have not, are not, and will not be appearing on the station’s broadcasts for some time.International News

Trump Sends Shockwaves Through Media…It’s Official, CNN Banned From White House

Alex Durig It is now official: the Trump administration will no longer send representatives to be interviewed by CNN. The worldwide news network that provides itself on being the most universally w…

Source: Trump Sends Shockwaves Through Media…It’s Official, CNN Banned From White House

It is the kind of thing we never thought we would hear: the White House just black-balled CNN – it will no longer send surrogates to the network for interviews.

Over the weekend, “State of the Union” anchor Jake Tapper said on his show and via Twitter that the White House had declined his invitations to appear. Perhaps it had begun to dawn on Tapper – apparently CNN was the last to know.

No officials from the Trump White House had appeared on CNN since Tapper’s “State of the Union” that aired on January 8, when Kellyanne Conway was interviewed. She had also appeared on CNN the following Wednesday with Anderson Cooper. On that day, the now famous clash took place between Trump and CNN correspondent, Jim Acosta, who shouted out to Trump to answer his question since Trump was attacking his news organization.

Previously, Trump had issued an attack at the news conference in which he lambasted CNN for reporting that intelligence officials had briefed both Trump and then-President Barack Obama that the Russians supposedly had in their possession a dossier full of blistering, negative information about Trump.

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