South-East Asia – Myanmar

Myanmar's armed conflicts threaten to complicate and divert various regional integration schemes, including China's One Belt, One Road initiative By Christopher Briggs This week a super tanker steamed towards Myanmar’s Kyaukpyu port to offload the first consignment into an oil supply pipeline with the capacity to supply 260,000 barrels per day from the Indian Ocean … Continue reading South-East Asia – Myanmar


Britain’s ‘blood cannabis’ shame – Human Trafficking

Authorities struggle to get to grips with crime gangs trafficking young Vietnamese into the UK to work in slave-like conditions on massive indoor marijuana farms By Richard Cook A 16-year-old Vietnamese boy, as yet unidentified, was found cowering in a bush next to a freezing roadside in Scotland in the middle of January. The boy, … Continue reading Britain’s ‘blood cannabis’ shame – Human Trafficking

China – Industrial profits up over 30% on SOE windfall gains

Private and foreign, as well as joint-stock companies, reported bottom line increases of between 15% to 34%. Together they account for the lion’s share of all industrial activity in China.

Strong upstream commodities rally helps state-owned sector contribute 23% of overall earnings   By Steve Wang   Profits in China’s industrial sector surged 31.5% during January and February, with the ruling Communist Party’s sprawling manufacturing business operations, propelled by a strong upstream commodities rally, responsible for half of a 234.3 billion yuan gain in earnings. … Continue reading China – Industrial profits up over 30% on SOE windfall gains

Cambodia – Auto parts makers steer toward Poipet

  For nearly two decades, Poipet was a one-trick pony, relying on the casinos huddled around its Thai border crossing for its economic fortune. But now a different type of cluster is emerging on the frontier town’s outskirts, where industrial parks are attracting predominantly Japanese manufacturers with a vision for a vast Southeast Asian supply … Continue reading Cambodia – Auto parts makers steer toward Poipet

Finance – China Opens Moscow Clearing Bank for Handling Transactions in Yuan

We discussed the question of trade in gold. The BRICS countries are large economies with large gold reserves and impressive volumes of production and purchase of this precious metal. In China, gold is traded in Shanghai, in Russia, Moscow. Our idea is to create a link between these sites in order to intensify trade between our marketplaces

The establishment of a clearing bank in Moscow for handling transactions in Chinese yuan is an important step facilitating more bilateral trade and investment Russia and China are developing their economic co-operation with the establishment of a clearing center in Moscow for operations in Chinese yuan. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) officially started operating as a Chinese renminbi clearing … Continue reading Finance – China Opens Moscow Clearing Bank for Handling Transactions in Yuan