UAZ Partiot in 2021 – an overview

UAZ-3163 “Patriot” is a Russian all-wheel drive off-road vehicle produced by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since 2005. During this time, the model went through three restyling. The standard version assumes an all-metal five-door body. In addition to this, a four-door pickup truck is available. Then as well as the “Profi” family, which includes two- and four-door commercial vans. 

Over the entire past year, UAZ has managed to sell almost 15,000 Patriot and Pickup vehicles in Russia. In addition to our country, this SUV is exported to the Asian market, including China. And also to the countries of the CIS, Latin America and the Middle East. 

UAZ Patriot Pickup

The appearance of the UAZ Partiot

The last model update took place in 2016. Then the exterior of the car was improved with a few touches, leaving the model as a whole recognizable. The design of the radiator grill has been changed, which now suggests a large mesh pattern. In the center is a large chrome manufacturer’s emblem. This is where the external changes end, not counting the disappearance of the gas tank hatch on the left side of the car, because now the UAZ Patriot is equipped with only one fuel tank; there used to be two. 

UAZ Patriot is a real frame SUV. It has a simple and brutal appearance. The spare wheel is located on the rear door. Roof rails are provided for the transportation of bulky cargo. 

Salon UAZ Partiot

There have been many more changes in the cabin. In general, the interior has become more comfortable and modern. The manufacturer has worked on the dashboard, highlighting the dials with pleasant light illumination, in contrast to the previous color. A new three-spoke steering wheel with control buttons immediately appeared. We fixed a defect with the air conditioning control unit – before the driver’s hand rested against it when shifting gears, now this panel is located higher and does not create inconveniences, freeing up space for storing small items. 

The Ulyanovsk plant tried to improve noise and vibration isolation, but the finishing plastic became tougher even in the top-end configuration. For a fee, you can get a leather interior. There is also a small touch screen for controlling the infotainment complex. 

Technical data of UAZ Partiot

UAZ Patriot is equipped with an uncontested 2.7-liter gasoline power plant with a return of 149 horsepower. The torque of this engine reaches 235 Nm. The unit works in harmony with a 5-speed manual transmission or with a 6-band automatic transmission. Moreover, the automatic transmission is very popular in Russia, the implementation of the Patriot with automatic transmission reaches 40% of the total sales of the model in our country. Previously, the car was also equipped with a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel engine, but due to its high cost, it did not find popularity, therefore it was excluded from the Russian engine range. 

Basic options include ERA-GLONASS, ABS, EBD systems, fabric seat upholstery, handrails on pillars, electric drive and heated side mirrors, one airbag and a winch. For an additional fee, you can get a cooled glove compartment, an additional airbag, a stability control system, a brake force distribution system, an assistance system when starting up on the rise, climate control, cruise control, heated front and rear seats, heated windshield and rear window, front parking sensor and rear view camera.

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