Russia after undiplomatic Biden interview. Best wishes to Mr. Biden and good health!

Today is a big day.

Putin and Shoigu are resting in the taiga.

I love this table too. We match, then …

And the suit is right. According to the weather and circumstances. Friends from Khakassia write that they sew them. You can sleep right in the snow. And wake up alive.

I hope we will explain later what kind of trick Shoigu is showing here. I’m told he’s teaching Putin how to make bonsai. Oh, maybe they are cooking a new type of Novichok?! You never know with those bloody Russians. Photo is not clear. What are they hiding again?

And now, comrades, aqua diskoteka. Covers the Minister of Defense.

Here, some will wonder – what is the president thinking – whether he recalls Biden and the bitter fate of the American people, who made a strange choice. He says to himself: “Maybe he didn’t interfere in vain?”

And, perhaps, he thinks: “You are all evil. I will leave you.”

Sergey Lavrov has a birthday. And opponents of the fight against smoking all, as one, congratulate him with pictures taken during smoke breaks. We’ll go the other way!

Found a picture of him on vacation. Practically healthy lifestyle. And even with the loot. Man.

Apologies for some photos that are not quite sharp. Must be Russian hackers playing their game again!

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