Arms Expo – New submachine gun PPK-20 from Russia

One of the most interesting novelties of the Army-2021 forum was the new version of the PPK-20 submachine gun. It was presented by the Kalashnikov concern. This product is designed in the interests of the aerospace forces. The submachine gun is optimized for use in the equipment of military pilots and should provide their self-defense in emergency situations.

By order of the Ministry of Defense

The development of a promising submachine gun for the armed forces began several years ago. It was carried out within the framework of the Vityaz-MO ROC. The purpose of the work was to create an automatic weapon for a pistol cartridge for use in various structures of the army. Accordingly, it was required to provide high fire performance with limited dimensions and weight.

The first reports on the results of the ROC in the open press refer to the last year. So, in July, the Kalashnikov concern announced the successful completion of state tests. The interdepartmental commission recognized the product as meeting the customer’s requirements and suitable for mass production. It was recommended to assign the name of the new development “Kalashnikov submachine gun mod. 2020 “- in memory of the designer V.M. Kalashnikov, who laid the foundations for a modern line of such weapons.

Updated version of the PPK-20

Modern solutions

PPK-20 in its configuration last year externally significantly differed from the Vityaz-SN. The new version of the weapon for the Aerospace Forces also received a number of components that change its exterior and affect the ease of use.

One of the main requirements of the Aerospace Forces concerned the maximum reduction in the size of the weapon. In this regard, the submachine gun received a telescopic butt, folded by turning forward and to the right. When folded, the PPK-20 with a standard muzzle device has a length of only 410 mm. Unladen weight of the product, without ammunition, scope, etc. – 2.5 kg.

USM both PPK-20 retained the long flag of the fuse-translator of fire, characteristic of the AK. In the new modification, it was supplemented with small levers on the same axis, located on both sides of the weapon. This allows you to engage the safety or select the fire mode without removing the leading hand from the handle.

The weapon received a new forend with strips and slots for mounting the necessary devices. “Last year’s” PPK-20 has a bar only at the bottom, the new one – at the top and bottom. A similar bar is provided on the receiver cover. Mechanical sights are preserved in the front and rear of the forend and cover.

Controls: the standard translator is supplemented with a new lever

The PPK-20 kit includes a silent firing device. If necessary, it is installed directly on the flame arrester using a bayonet connection. This operation takes minimal time, but provides a dramatic reduction in noise and flash.


Ryabov Kirill

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