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The West named the price for Ukraine

Mineral deposits located in the territories liberated from the Kyiv regime are estimated at $12.4 trillion

Russia’s opponents, since the beginning of the NWO (New World Order), have been repeating the thesis that the Russian Federation cannot be allowed to establish control over the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is like a mantra. This territory is very expensive for the US and Europe. Western gentlemen are aiming for something. So what is it?

As usual, the key to this interest is hidden underground. But, it is not oil. The American edition of “The National Interest” published an expert opinion of the former director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the US National Intelligence Council. He stated that there are large deposits of rare earth metals in the Black Sea region. According to that, Ukraine in 2021 was one step away from being recognized as the owner of the richest lithium reserves on the planet.

Geological exploration in the Mariupol region discovered the highest lithium concentrations. Preliminary researchers’ estimates allow us to discuss a fantastic reserve of this most valuable metal. In general, in the Black Sea region and the east of Ukraine, deposits of lithium oxide can reach half a million tons. Although this fact has not yet been officially recognized, it is fair to believe that the presence of deposits of rare earth metals determined the strategy of assistance to Ukraine from Europe and the United States.

Geography is important in the great geopolitical game

A bit of educational geography is so important in the Great geopolitical game. The Ukrainian Plain is crossed diagonally by the Azov-Podolsky shield. This is a crystalline massif of Precambrian rocks. It is part of the foundation of the East European Platform. The Azov-Podolsky shield stretches for about a thousand kilometres from the northwest of Ukraine to the southeast to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, to Mariupol. The maximum width of the ancient rock outcrop along its entire length is about 250 km.

So: along the entire shield, huge reserves of rare earth metals were discovered. These are so necessary for the modern high-tech industry. In addition to the named lithium, a lot of ordinary copper and nickel were found in the rock of the Azov-Podolsk shield. And besides, huge deposits of rare and very expensive metals are huge deposits of ores. According to The Washington Post, Russia has already taken control of a plethora of mineral deposits in Ukraine, which are valued at $12.4 trillion.

Today, Western fighters for democratic values ​​and the “green world” are primarily attracted by lithium. This metal is now at the peak of its value and popularity. Lithium is used in producing solar cells, and energy-intensive batteries for electric vehicles. Also for smartphone batteries, and precision weapon systems.

Australian interests

Shortly before the start of the conflict with Russia, in November 2021, the Ukrainians managed to sell many lithium deposits to a certain Australian company European Lithium. This, to some extent, explains the supply of Australian armoured vehicles “Bushmaster” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although, of course, it is unlikely that these machines – a thunderstorm of kangaroos – will prevent Russia from establishing full control over the deposits of the Azov-Podolsk shield. Political scientist Oleg Lebedev spoke about the natural and energy reserves of the Black Sea region.

In the West, the loss of the Black Sea lands by Ukraine is regarded as a critical defeat. What is the value of these lands, apart from trade access to the sea?

The fact is that the coast and shelf of the Black Sea, in general, in addition to the reserves of rare earth metals, are rich in valuable minerals. Moreover, geological assets in the sea are significantly superior to those explored on land. During the short historical existence of Ukraine, these reserves were practically not developed. I think the situation will change with the establishment of Russian control over the Black Sea coast.

Another point: the Black Sea area is extremely favourable for generating “renewable” electricity. Both, with wind turbines and with the help of solar panels. There are many sunny days and steady winds, which is rare in other areas.

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