What do Russians need to know about Ukraine?

Do not be seduced by the illusions made by the Bolsheviks!

Soviet and Russian propaganda for a long time and stubbornly hushed up uncomfortable facts about the “fraternal people” – now we are getting burned on this

By Alexander Shirokorad

In Soviet times, we were told daily about the great friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. Yes, it was true to some extent. But in Ukraine, millions of Banderists hated Russians, as well as Poles and Jews.

In the special depository of Leninka, I saw several yellowed books published in the 1920s which spoke about the wildest crimes of the Petliurists. In the photographs, people are quartered, impaled, and burned alive. However, in the 1930s, all these books were confiscated and destroyed, and several copies were handed over to the special depository.

During the Great Patriotic War, only in Belarus, 17 police battalions formed from Ukrainians committed atrocities. They destroyed the village of Khatyn. Moreover, they did it on their initiative, without the sanction of the Germans. The participation of Ukrainians in the mass executions at Babi Yar in Kyiv was also concealed from us.

There were hundreds of thousands of Bandera, and they got off with a slight fright for their terrible crimes. After 1936 and until 1950, the death penalty in the USSR was abolished. And all the acts of the Bandera agitprop hid from the Soviet people. Like, “someone here and there in Ukraine at times” was an assistant to the SS, but the entire population of Western Ukraine was partisan and hated the Germans.

After 1991

After 1991, agitprop, already anti-Soviet, utterly lied about the events in Ukraine. Everything connected with the Ukrainian SSR was cursed or consigned to oblivion. The press was filled with Russophobic articles. The monuments to Lenin were demolished after 1992. Several monuments to Suvorov and Kutuzov were demolished. Monuments to Bandera, Petlyura, and Hetman Skoropadsky were erected everywhere.

It reached the point that a monument was erected in Kiev to the “king of all Ukraine”, Vasil Vyshyvanny, nee Wilhelm von Habsburg. Alas, the Austrian henchman Vasil did not have to become king – the Kaiser slammed his fist on the table: “Our Hauptmann Skoropadsky and no kings should rule Ukraine!”

All this agitprop was kept secret from the people and, as before, chattered about the great friendship. Anti-Russia began to be created in 1992 – however, the term “AntiRussia” was first mentioned by President Putin only in June 2021.

Stalin made a mistake by annexing Western Ukraine to the Ukrainian SSR. It should have been left as part of Poland. As a last resort, it was necessary to completely clean up the region from all Bandera and their accomplices. This is exactly what the Poles did, completely “sanitizing” the lands inhabited by Ukrainians that remained in Poland. These guys professed the Bandera ideology, and the Poles sent some to concentration camps and some to the territories seized from the Germans.

2014 Coup

In 2014, the Kyiv junta was supported by the absolute majority of the population of Western Ukraine. But in the east, they were against it. In Sevastopol – 99.9% of the inhabitants, and in Crimea – about 90%. As a result, the peninsula returned without blood to Russia.

Since 1992, Kyiv has been preparing its troops in Crimea to suppress the uprising of the Russian population. By February 2014, about half of the special forces of Ukraine and the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU were based in Crimea. 

However, in the spring of 2014, most of the units immediately went over to the side of the Crimeans, and only a few units maintained hostile neutrality. Nobody dared to use weapons. Over 70% of SBU officers went over to the side of the Russian Federation. Whoever does not believe, let him look at the lists of these “traitor” officers on the website “Peacemaker” **.

In Donbas, most of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees joined the junta’s opponents. In the spring of 2014, regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not want to fight for the LPR and DPR. Then, in April-May, the battalions Azov *, Donbass *, Aidar * and others were formed from zealous nationalists and criminals with the money of the oligarchs. They suppressed popular uprisings in Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Severodonetsk and others cities.

Post 2014

Since 2014, regular troops have also been involved in the ATO. Over the next 8 years, about 400 thousand Ukrainian soldiers passed through the ATO. Many marched involuntarily, but falling under the fire of the militias and intense artillery fire from the adjacent territory, they gradually began to consider both the Donbass and Russia as enemies. Each fighter had families who worried about their father or son and cursed the inhabitants of Donbass and the Russian Federation.

since 2014, the population of Ukraine has been subjected to massive processing by the propaganda apparatus of Kyiv from above, and from below, every day they heard the curses of two million refugees and participants in the ATO.

As a result, the same thing happened in Ukraine from 2014 to 2022 as in Germany from 1932 to 1939. The majority of the population of Ukraine managed to instil the ideology of Bandera and pathological Russophobia. Playing with wooden machine guns and killing Russians began to be taught in kindergartens. And again, agitprop framed the Russians, banning any information about the evolution of Ukrainian attitudes towards Russia.

It could be stopped in 2014

I will not be surprised that people in the Kremlin became victims of agitprop. In 2014, a landing on Kyiv and Odessa in a week would have led to the junta’s fall.

However, after eight years of Bandera propaganda, our troops faced stubborn resistance from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, most of whose servicemen hated Russia. In terms of durability, they can be compared with the Wehrmacht soldiers of 1943-1944. They do not desert in droves and do not surrender whole units, as was the case in 2014.

To defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine, decisive strikes are now needed. Decisive victory and complete destruction of their military capabilities must be achieved. Only then can the psychology of the majority of Ukrainian citizens be reversed.

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