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Gas from Nord Stream went to Asia

The tanker loaded at Gazprom’s new LNG facility on the shores of the Gulf of Finland headed for Asia. It will carry the gas that was not supplied through the stopped Nord Stream to other consumers

Gas intended for Nord Stream started being delivered as LNG to Asia and other parts of the world. Last week, the Pskov tanker completed loading at the Portovaya LNG complex and anchored in the Baltic Sea. Vessel finder data show that the vessel was bunkered with fuel today. It indicates that it is heading towards the Egyptian port of Said. The tanker plans to arrive there on September 26. Port Said is designated as the point of arrival when travelling through the Suez Canal to Asia.

Pskov can deliver up to 100 million cubic meters of gas in the form of LNG. Also at the anchorage is another similar tanker – “Veliky Novgorod”. It will follow the Pskov to load. Both vessels delivered liquefied natural gas to India in May. 

Foreign charterers unilaterally began to refuse to execute previously concluded long-term charters

Energy Minister Nikolai Shulginov reported to the President of Russia that they had bought two tankers for gas supply to Kaliningrad. We are talking about Pskov and Nizhny Novgorod. In the event of a halt in Lithuanian transit, they will deliver LNG from the Portovaya complex to the exclave. Russian ship registration organizations closed the data on the owners of tankers.

The launch of the LNG terminal took place immediately after the complete shutdown of Nord Stream for the supply of gas through the Baltic Sea to Germany. At the Eastern Economic Forum in early September, Vitaly Markelov , deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom, told reporters that the medium-tonnage plant had begun gas liquefaction. Two production lines are in operation. The complex has already produced the first 30,000 tons of LNG (41 million cubic meters)

Good Location – next to the Nord Stream

It is located right next to the Portovaya compressor station and Nord Stream itself. The complex was initially focused on obtaining excess gas that would not be exported via the pipeline.

The capacity of the medium-sized terminal is 1.5 million tons of LNG (2 billion cubic meters of gas) per year. It cannot be compared with Nord Stream though. The complex will be able to load no more than two tankers of the Pskov and Nizhny Novgorod types per month. However, Portovaya will be a good help for Gazprom in the face of reduced pipeline gas supplies to Europe. Deliveries to the EU amount to about 90 million cubic meters per day. A year ago, their level exceeded 400 million cubic meters. Compensation for Gazprom may be the price at which gas is sold. Compared to last September, its price on European stock exchanges is at least four times higher (around $2,000 per 1000 cubic m.

It is quite possible that cargo from the new complex will go to India, which has become a victim of the sanctions war. Gazprom Marketing and Trading is to supply Indian Gail with 2.5 million tons of LNG (3.4 billion cubic meters) per year. And until June, they did it mainly from the contracted 3.5 million tons at the Yamal LNG project.

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