Nicaragua broke relations with the Netherlands

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua announced the immediate severance of diplomatic relations with the Netherlands in connection with the kingdom’s intervention in the country’s internal affairs

“Ministry of External Relations of the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity of Nicaragua, in connection with the consistent interventionist and neo-colonialist position of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which has insulted and continues to insult Nicaraguan families with threats and the cancellation of public works such as hospitals in the communities of indigenous people informs the government of the Nederlands about our decision to terminate diplomatic relations immediately.

The constant attacks on the mission, contrary to diplomacy and violating the Vienna Convention, by this neo-colonial and pro-imperial government are forcing us to take this measure <…> We know the Empires and the Colonizers of the Earth, and nothing and no one can make us forget their crimes against humanity,” – Nicaragua’s foreign ministry said in a communiqué

The text of the statement distributed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua

EU diplomatic mission also asked to leave

On Wednesday, local publications, citing sources, reported that the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry verbally notified the head of the EU diplomatic mission in the country, Bettina Mushaidt, that her presence in the country was undesirable due to disrespect for the sovereignty of the country

Earlier, Hugo Rodriguez, a candidate for the post of Ambassador to the United States, did not receive a work permit in Nicaragua. At a congressional hearing in July, he called Nicaragua a rogue state, compared the current government to the Dominican dictatorship of the 1950s, and said he would “work with international partners to return to democracy, respect for human rights, and free political prisoners,” after which his candidacy was rejected.

The Netherlands’ position

Regrettably, Nicaragua has chosen to respond in this disproportionate way to a critical message about democracy and human rights. The Netherlands has a clear position about Nicaragua’s deterioration of democratic institutions and human rights violations. Still, it is always willing to engage in dialogue about these issues, which Ambassador Pirenne did again this week.

Nicaragua’s decision to break diplomatic ties with the Netherlands is not an isolated move. The EU ambassador was declared persona non grata earlier this week, and the newly appointed US ambassador has been barred from entering the country. Earlier this year, the apostolic nuncio was expelled from Nicaragua. Nicaragua’s response should be viewed in the light of the EU’s current position and the sanctions the bloc has imposed.

The Netherlands is in talks with other European countries about how they intend to respond to Nicaragua’s actions. Approximately one hundred Dutch nationals live in Nicaragua and the Minister of Foreign Affairs is monitoring their situation. If necessary, the travel advice for Nicaragua will be changed.

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