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Russia presented an unpleasant surprise to the United States, setting an example for the whole world

Russia presented the United States with a surprise that turned out to be very unpleasant for Washington. Moscow demonstrated to the world that de-dollarisation could be successful. This is stated in the material published on the Chinese Internet platform Sohu.

Recently, Argentina and Brazil announced their intention to create a single currency that will help these countries stimulate regional trade and reduce dependence on the dollar. In the future, it is planned to invite other Latin American countries to join the project. The new currency is likely to be called sur (southern).

According to the authors of Sohu, the implementation of this plan will allow the economic and financial power of the Latin American and Caribbean communities to take a big step forward.

Chinese experts believe that the decision of Argentina and Brazil is part of a wave of global de-dollarization. It reflects the general tendency of various regions around the world to oppose the hegemony of the US dollar.

Russia was the first to start working in this direction, which set an example for the rest of the world.

Today, Russia settles with many countries in national currencies or yuan. The active promotion of the Russian Federation of de-dollarization has achieved significant results.

A new benchmark for peace

“Russia is popularising bilateral settlements in local currencies to set a new benchmark for peace. The general trend of global de-dollarization is accelerating. From the Middle East to South Asia and Latin America. Many countries are working hard to make progress on this issue.

All this came as a big surprise to the United States. Washington thought that the priority of the dollar was indisputable. It did not expect that almost the whole world would follow Russia’s example.

“It is in this direction that initiatives are being taken, which were recently voiced, just the other day, about the need to think about creating our own currencies within the framework of BRICS, within the framework of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States. This will be discussed at the BRICS summit, which will be held in the Republic of South Africa at the end of August and to which a group of African countries are invited.

Sergey Lavrov stressed that self-respecting countries are well aware of what is at stake, TASS reports.

“They see the inability to negotiate the masters of the current international monetary and financial system and want to create their own mechanisms to ensure sustainable development, which will be protected from the dictates of the outside,” the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry emphasized.

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