Is China “to make friends” with the Russian military?

“China is ready to work together with the Russian army in the name of strengthening peace”

The representative of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC made the above statement. According to the military observer and political analyst Konstantin Sivkov, we are witnessing the creation of a coalition that can confront NATO. An analyst expressed his point of view on recent events in the world on the air Public News Service.

Tan Cafei, the representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, noted that relations are not directed against third countries. However, the Chinese military is ready to defend itself with Russia in case of outside aggression.

Let’s start with the fact that these are no longer just words. This is the intention of the military leadership of the PRC. It speaks of the inclusion of Russia and China in the confrontation of Western expansion. This is precisely the confrontation. The armies of the two countries will confront specific threats. If the armies begin to draw closer, they intend to engage some countries. We are talking about the western block. The anti-Western coalition begins to take shape.

Konstantin Sivkov

He noted that many countries have long been oriented to the West, so they need help understanding that it is from there that the greatest threat comes from today. But gradually, this awareness is coming. And we can observe the formation of an anti-Western coalition.

The process is manifesting in many aspects

This process manifests itself in various aspects. This is the rapprochement of Russia with Brazil. Importantly, the rapprochement of Saudi Arabia with Iran through the mediation and patronage of China and Russia. It is the meeting of the Chinese leader with Putin and the statement of the Ministry of Defense of the PRC. Before this, there was only a fully combat-ready coalition of the West in the form of a NATO military organisation. Attempts were made by the west to create a similar QUAD block – It practically failed because Indi is not interested in being part of it

It seems that all – the Western countries, Russia and China – are beginning to realize that it will not be possible to agree. In order to change the situation, they will have to create coalitions to defend their freedom and interests jointly.

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