New Russia – Islamic World: Kazan Forum

What did the forum Russia – Islamic World show? Kazan Forum

Russia continues meeting and cooperating with the Islamic World. What is the news from the forum held in Kazan in May 2023? This event has proved that the multipolar world is unstoppable.

Over the past year, Western countries have done much to isolate Russia in the international arena. Numerous sanctions, intimidation of Russian partners and much more had to create an absolute vacuum around the Russian Federation to force Moscow to go to the conditions the United States and its allies put forward. However, as practice shows, there can be no talk of any international isolation of Russia today. It was once again proved by the XIV International Economic Forum – Russia – Islamic World: KazanForum.

For several years, the forum has been a platform for discussing various issues between the Russian Federation and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) countries. Its primary meaning is creating and implementing joint projects and strengthening trade, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and other ties. The forum was first organised in 2009. It is an annual summit to which thousands of representatives from all over the planet come.

The previous event was held in May 2022. Six thousand three hundred eighty-eight people from 64 countries and 59 regions of Russia became its participants. By the decree of the President of the Russian Federation, the summit was given federal status. It demonstrates all its importance for the Russian side. The Islamic world, which does not want to be subordinate to the United States, covers about a quarter of the world’s population and 15% of the world economy.  

The current forum was held under the slogan “Trust and Cooperation”. The key topics were cooperation, sustainable development, Islamic finance, halal industry, youth forum, entrepreneurship, business opportunities, diplomacy, technology, logistics, investments, female eyes, education, medicine, and sports. It is the development of a comprehensive partnership in the modern realities of a changing world.

The number of participants was the highest ever despite the pressure from Collective West

The number of participants indicates that the interest has not decreased but significantly increased—participants from 85 countries, including 45 diplomatic missions and 37 ambassadors. The largest delegations came from Azerbaijan, Iran, Malaysia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. They included senior government officials – prime ministers, deputy prime ministers, heads of foreign affairs agencies, etc.

The focus of the forum was on economic issues. The Russian Federation is ready to increase trade with Tajikistan, supplying agricultural goods, woodworking, metallurgy, chemical industry, and vehicles. Moscow has similar plans with Azerbaijan.

One of the most important topics for the Russian Federation to be raised at the forum and the Muslim world – is the construction of the international transport corridor “North–South” It is the route from St. Petersburg to the port of Mumbai in India with a length of over seven thousand kilometres. On the eve of the forum on May 17, Russia and Iran signed the agreement on constructing the last section of this route Resht – Astara, in Iran.

One of the significant events of the first day was also the inter-parliamentary hearings. They were aimed at strengthening and developing international relations. They were held at the initiative of the cooperation group between the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Parliament of the Gulf countries.

Russia and Turkey plan to establish a working group on digitalisation within the framework of a mixed intergovernmental commission. They see significant potential in joint activities in the field of high technologies.

Russia is ready to support anyone seeking to build a new open, multipolar model of the global economy and international relations.

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