Eurasia – China’s Project of the Century

BEIJING/BERLIN Berlin and Brussels are obstructing China's "New Silk Road" mega project. Last Sunday, the EU refused to sign a declaration pertaining to this project at an international summit in Beijing with representatives from more than 100 countries, including 29 heads of states and governments. Beijing plans to invest trillions in this project to develop … Continue reading Eurasia – China’s Project of the Century


London – world No1 property market

The lure of Brexit bargains saw investors from the Asia splurge on real estate, with Tokyo also regaining a top five slot By Ben Richardson London retook New York’s spot as the world’s hottest center for real estate transactions in the first quarter as investors – especially from Hong Kong and China – swooped onto bargains … Continue reading London – world No1 property market

UK economy will grow more strongly than expected

British Chambers of Commerce says British consumers are showing resilience to Brexit vote, but warns of rising inflation Robust consumer spending and a brighter outlook for trade and investment will mean the UK’s economic slowdown this year is less severe than previously feared, the British Chambers of Commerce has predicted. But in its latest set … Continue reading UK economy will grow more strongly than expected

Eurasia Integration: A Three-Speed Affair

Pepe Escobar Europe, relatively integrated, lives today in a de facto two-speed reality. Eurasia integration, a work in progress and with vastly more reach, is for the moment a three-speed process, as seen through the positioning of three Central Asian “stans” Away from the hysterical 24/7 news cycle, Turkmenistan quietly went to the polls. President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, … Continue reading Eurasia Integration: A Three-Speed Affair

Continuous Saga – Greece Financial Problems

Is Greece Really On The Verge Of Another Financial Crisis? by Milton Ezrati The Strategic Culture Foundation,  Just about every adult on earth has seen this show before. Greece faces a debt repayment that it cannot meet: for this performance, €86 billion due in July. It needs fresh bailout funds from the European Union and/or … Continue reading Continuous Saga – Greece Financial Problems