Japan’s need for foreign labor to get dire as 2050 nears

by Reiji Yoshida As the nation struggles with a shortage of workers and an aging population, this is the first in a four-part New Year’s series examining Japan’s immigration policy. Tokyo-based Ips Inc. is a telecom firm specializing in business targeting Japan’s 250,000 Filipinos, the third-largest foreign community in the nation. Masako Uemori, one of … Continue reading Japan’s need for foreign labor to get dire as 2050 nears

Students across Asia Pacific embrace computer sciences

By Daniel Maxwell STUDENTS are embracing coding and computer sciences in increasing numbers, with millions expected to participate in the global  Hour of Code initiative taking place this week. Over the past five years, the number of students in the Asia Pacific region who are learning to code has increased dramatically, with China, Japan, South Korea, … Continue reading Students across Asia Pacific embrace computer sciences

Automatic Job Storm Coming

BY JOHN MAULDIN Almost every weekday, some arm of the US government issues some sort of economic statistic. News media and financial analysts review and report it. Then 99.9% of the adult population, and probably 90% of the financial industry, forget all about it. And they’re probably right to do so. The monthly jobs report isn’t … Continue reading Automatic Job Storm Coming

New Urban Agenda

The Asian Development Bank Institute explains the New Urban Agenda and the options for housing as more people move into cities By Matthias Helble Already more than half of the world population lives in urban areas and the trend to move to cities is expected to continue, until by 2050, the United Nations expects that … Continue reading New Urban Agenda

Expat in Asia

The majority of expatriates in Beijing (51%) said that their gross yearly household income was US$75,000 or more, with 11% earning more than US$200,000. That was considerably more than the world average, where 31% and 5% respectively could say the same.

Beijing best Asian city to make money, expats say By Johan Nylander   Forget quality of life, if it's money you want, then the Chinese capital is where you should be   Singapore may be the expat’s favorite Asian city to live in, but when it comes to making money, Beijing takes the biscuit, according … Continue reading Expat in Asia