19 years of “war without end” President George W. Bush decided to radically transform the Pentagon’s missions, as Colonel Ralph Peters explained in the Army magazine Parameters on September 13, 2001. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appointed Admiral Arthur Cebrowski to train future officers. Cebrowski spent three years touring military universities so that today all general officers … Continue reading WHICH TARGET AFTER SYRIA?


GREATER ALBANIA PROJECT IS ACCELERATING AS KOSOVO’S STATEHOOD IS IN QUESTION Clear indications have been made that there is a project for a Greater Albania and it is progressing ahead, especially as the world’s attention is focussed on and distracted by the coronavirus, Libya and Syria’s Idlib province. The ultimate goal of Albania was to … Continue reading GREATER ALBANIA PROJECT

The Future of Banking

How open banking can transform the financial industry Authored by: Pascal Hügli  As the saying goes, “What goes up must come down.” In this case, the ‘what’ are the stock prices of Swiss full-service banks like UBS and Credit Suisse, which are down 50 to 80 percent since the 2008 financial crisis. The plight of these … Continue reading The Future of Banking

Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status

Federico Pieraccini There is a strong current of change affecting the international political arena. It is the beginning of a revolution brought on by the transition from a unipolar to multipolar world order. In practice, we are faced with the combination of several factors, including the application of US tariffs on Chinese exports, Washington’s sanctions … Continue reading Iran Is China’s Secret Weapon for Killing off the US Dollar’s Global Reserve Status

US firms power rise in global arms sales

New data from SIPRI showed that sales of arms and military services by the top 100 firms went up by 47% since 2002 ByDave Makichuk Sales of arms and military services witnessed an increase of nearly five percent worldwide in 2018, mainly led by a strong showing by US firms, according to Stockholm International Peace … Continue reading US firms power rise in global arms sales