Chinese investment in Africa – Djibouti

Chinese investment in Djibouti can turn the smallest country on the African Horn into a Mecca for tourists, according to Osman Abdi Mohamed, managing director of the National Tourism Board. Sputnik takes a look at the recent developments in Djibouti “The Chinese military base will serve as a starting point for the development of tourism and we believe … Continue reading Chinese investment in Africa – Djibouti


Why Erdogan Came to Sochi?

On Wednesday, Turkish President Erdogan came to Sochi for talks with President Putin. Later in May, the Turkish leader is scheduled to visit the US for talks with Donald Trump. Commenting on the results of the negotiations in Russia, political scientist Gevorg Mirzayan suggests that Erdogan has put his country up for bid between Trump … Continue reading Why Erdogan Came to Sochi?

Turkey at the crossroads

  EU Not the Only Option, Turkey Discusses Accession to SCO - Erdogan The EU membership is not the only option for Turkey, the country's leadership discusses possible accession to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) with Russian President Valdimir Putin and Kazakhstan’s leader Nursultan Nazarbayev, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday. ANKARA (Sputnik) … Continue reading Turkey at the crossroads

Energy News – Saudi Arabia

Are The Saudis About To Reveal The Best Kept Secret In Oil? By Nick Cunningham - Nov 16, 2016   One of the oil world’s longest and best kept secrets may finally be revealed. Saudi Arabia is preparing to unveil how much oil it holds, a closely guarded state secret that has been kept quiet … Continue reading Energy News – Saudi Arabia

EU – Turkey relationship

EU criticizes Turkey but not ready to halt membership talks   European Union foreign ministers on Nov. 14 criticized Turkey’s crackdown on alleged supporters of a failed military coup in July, but Austria’s call to suspend Ankara’s EU membership bid failed to garner enough backing. As the 28 EU foreign ministers met in Brussels, Turkish … Continue reading EU – Turkey relationship