The rise of Silicon China

The bases for artificial intelligence will be in China, where there are many big tech firms. Tencent and other firms’ massive centralized platforms give them an edge for AI research and development By Marion Laboure, Haiyang Zhang and Juergen Braunstein In the future, if not already, the Silicon Valleys of artificial intelligence (AI) will be … Continue reading The rise of Silicon China


RUMBLE Program: Russia, EU Team Up to Create Supersonic Aviation of the Future

Political tensions haven't been able to stop Russian-European cooperation in advanced aeronautics via the RUMBLE program. What's at stake is the creation of new guidelines for the return of supersonic civil aviation in Europe through the elimination of a key obstacle: excessive noise levels caused by aircraft as they break the sound barrier. The joint … Continue reading RUMBLE Program: Russia, EU Team Up to Create Supersonic Aviation of the Future

Australia boasts world’s biggest battery

South Australia has a big new battery—the world’s largest—and it's already helping boost grid reliability as the Southern Hemisphere's summer begins. Tesla has bragging rights. The company installed 100 megawatts (MW) in under 100 days, just as CEO Elon Musk promised with his or-else-it’s-free flourish. More important, perhaps, the storage industry has a shiny new … Continue reading Australia boasts world’s biggest battery

Digital adaption to decide Asia’s future winners

Region is set to drive a ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ that leverages communication tech into innovation and growth but many will struggle to keep up with change By Alan Boyd Millennials are encountering a yawning technological divide as they begin to transform the way businesses are run in Asia. And ‘connectivity’ studies indicate that the gap … Continue reading Digital adaption to decide Asia’s future winners

South Korea introduces world’s first ‘robot tax’

South Korea has introduced what is being called the world’s first tax on robots amid fears that machines will replace human workers, leading to mass unemployment. The country will limit tax incentives for investments in automated machines as part of a newly proposed revision of its tax laws. It is hoped the policy will make up for lost income … Continue reading South Korea introduces world’s first ‘robot tax’