The Skripal Affair: an Australian Diplomat’s View

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180328-skripal-house-salisbury-england-ew-430p_a261bd28209587154cef279d81357dea.jpg Unproteced police officers appear to stand just outside the contaminated door of Sergei Skripal’s home in Salisbury, England. Dan Kitwood / Getty Images file

Amb. Tony Kevin: Diplomatic Fallout from the Skripal Affair

06 April 2018 | Tony Kevin| ACEWA

The Skripal Affair is by no means over, but after the reciprocal diplomatic expulsions now nearing completion,  it is timely to attempt a state of play wrap from an independent Australian perspective.

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Spy Poisoning Scandal Resembles Iraqi WMD’s Lie – Pentagon Official

Nwo Report

The inability of UK scientists to find evidence linking Russia to the nerve agent attack, bares striking similarities to the lies told to the public in the build-up to the Iraq war, a former Pentagon official claims.  

According to ex-Pentagon official Michael Maloof, the UK government is lying to the public about Russia’s involvement in the Skripal scandal in the very same way the U.S. and UK lied about Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction in 2003. reports: “So far the West has turned that request down, which indicates to me that they have something to hide. I think if we are going to have transparency on that, if we want to get to the bottom of it, I think experts both from Russia and the West need to get together and come to a resolution,” Maloof told RT.

He also warned against solely trusting the UK and any…

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‘I Feel Deep Shame for the Behavior of the West Today’

by Marco Fontana I feel a deep shame at the behavior of the West today. In this behavior, I see the crash of the last remains of what Europe always declared to be its ideals and values. The expulsion of Russian diplomats from a number of EU countries on March 26, a day of national mourning, showed that, for my generation, there are only ruins of morality left … Continue reading ‘I Feel Deep Shame for the Behavior of the West Today’

Is the Patriot system good enough for missile defense?

A recent failure in Saudi Arabia has led to questions over the reliability of the US-made system with some countries opting for a Russian alternative By Stephen Bryen The Patriot missile system seems to have failed to do its job in Saudi Arabia. Instead of knocking out seven Houthi-fired ballistic missiles, reports from many sources cast doubt … Continue reading Is the Patriot system good enough for missile defense?

Dialogue futile if Pakistan views India as a ‘perpetual threat’

By Vivek Katju In an interview to a prominent English-language newspaper in the United Arab Emirates published last Sunday, the director general of the Pakistan Army’s Inter Services Public Relations Directorate (ISPR), Major-General Asif Ghafoor, remarked that the “threat from India is perpetual.” This is not the first time that the Pakistan Army has so … Continue reading Dialogue futile if Pakistan views India as a ‘perpetual threat’