The Future of Banking

How open banking can transform the financial industry Authored by: Pascal Hügli  As the saying goes, “What goes up must come down.” In this case, the ‘what’ are the stock prices of Swiss full-service banks like UBS and Credit Suisse, which are down 50 to 80 percent since the 2008 financial crisis. The plight of these … Continue reading The Future of Banking

Draghi Admits EU May Breakup For First Time

BY KCHILD2013 on JANUARY 26, 2017 • ( 0 ) From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong   For the first time, the head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, has conceded the possibility that the EU may fall apart. Draghi came out and said that any member leaving the Eurozone would need to settle … Continue reading Draghi Admits EU May Breakup For First Time