Aurus Is Russia’s Answer To Rolls-Royce

If you were to ask someone about what came to mind when you say ‘Russian motorcar,’ we bet that 9/10 will think about a Lada, and most probably one that’d broken down. While many have laughed at the former Soviet Union’s attempts at building motorcars, the Russians are back, and their latest attempt is rather … Continue reading Aurus Is Russia’s Answer To Rolls-Royce

2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI review

Minor tweaks for benchmark hot hatch   David McCowen Volkswagen's Golf GTI has earned more than a few plaudits across its four decades of history, righting crafting a reputation as the hot hatch by which others are measured. The brand's seventh-generation GTI arrived in 2013, bringing a significant increase in performance as well as a … Continue reading 2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI review

Motoring – Stars of the 2017 Detroit motor show

The Big Three American brands were overshadowed in their hometown showcase   Here are Drive's stars of the 2017 Detroit motor show   Volkswagen I.D. Buzz The German has tapped the design spirit and inherent versatility of one its most iconic and revered models in the original Microbus, or Kombi as it is known to … Continue reading Motoring – Stars of the 2017 Detroit motor show

Car Review -UAZ Patriot 2017

People outside Russia probably have some ingrained misconceptions about Russian-made offroad-capable vehicles, imagining rickety 40-year-old jeeps that pay no mind to driver or passenger comfort. Make no mistake about it – those exist too, but the UAZ Patriot, a mid-size SUV produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, is definitely not one of them. The Patriot, whose … Continue reading Car Review -UAZ Patriot 2017