Fried Green Tomatoes… Messy Goodness


Recipe in a Bottle

I don’t like having gunk all over my fingers, but there are circumstances that call for it. Fried green tomatoes are now one of those reasons.

My friend C counseled me on how to use all the beautiful green tomatoes I had still in my garden – it’s frustrating that as soon as they ripen up, I have to snatch them up or risk disease or pests getting them. Green tomatoes, on the other hand, are often beautifully firm and shiny and I was itching to try eating them. C mentioned that a simple egg wash, a dry coating of corn meal and flour mixed together, and a quick dip in some hot oil would yield a tasty treat, so I tried it! It got my fingers quite messy, but I still vote for it!

I started by mixing corn flour (not corn meal, but I think they’d be even…

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Bloggers Meet at Monkey Bar, powered by Communications 2.0

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Exploring Cuisines

MonkeyBar finally opens its doors to the city of joy ! If we consider the scenario of Kolkata around two years back, then the word ‘gastropub‘ was just a term that we used to associate with the cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. But over a short passage of time, new gastropubs are being launched in the city, making it a more happening place to live in. Monkey Bar is the latest and perhaps the best introduction to the scenario of slowly evolving gastropubs in Kolkata. The excitement for its launch was doubled when I was invited to be a part of a bloggers meet, for the pre-inauguration of Monkey Bar, powered byCommunications2.0

Popularly referred to as India’s first gastropub, Monkey Bar had its inception in Bangalore. This was followed by outlets in Delhi and Mumbai and finally one in Kolkata, which we all had…

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Sizzler Festival at the Fern Residency !


Exploring Cuisines

It is monsoon and you would definitely prefer to have something hot and sizzling on your plate. The best option to satiate your craving is the ongoing Sizzler Festival at the Fern Residency, Rajarhat New Town. Now sizzlers are something which we all love ! When it’s raining outside, sizzlers serve to be the best option for a perfect meal. The bustling sound of the sizzler and it’s unique smoky flavour, including the overall presentation makes it something irresistible!

The Fern Residency is located near City Centre 2, beside Pipal Tree, Rajarhat. It is the first zodiac themed restaurant in Kolkata. The ambience is classy and elegant and at the same time, warm and welcoming. It was an invitation to Panchphoron for a food tasting prior to the launch of their sizzler festival.

The menu for sizzler festival is huge and it would be a hard time for you to…

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