Breaking bread with Soann Kann, Siem Reap’s self-made hospitality hero

By: Claire Knox Over a feast of classical Cambodian countryside dishes in his tropical villa, Cambodian entrepreneur Soann Kann discusses taking risks, the value of professional experience and why he ditched his family-oriented business model From a swirl of rich, emerald green brushstrokes, an enormous kingfisher rises, its golden wings stretched out wide and its … Continue reading Breaking bread with Soann Kann, Siem Reap’s self-made hospitality hero

Three Things Asian Tourists Do That Europeans May Not Understand

Asian tourists habit

Asian Tourists Habit


Stai Al Borgo

Walking on the streets of Florence, or other cities in Italy, or other countries in Europe, do you find certain Asian tourist behavior “mystifies” you. We know that they love shopping, they sometimes use umbrella in the sunny days, and they drink pure hot water right off boiling (Yeah baby, that’s me!)… Any other Asian tourists “trends” that you find hard to have an explanation?

I’ve sum-up three tourists habits that popular among Asians, while western people may never understand. Check them out, and see if we can make the murky darkness in front of you suddenly open!

Travel Three (Or More) Countries In One Week

Asian tourists, especially Chinese, kinda have the reputation that they only go to those “famous” cities (Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, etc.), and they pay quite shallow visits in each spot in order to cover many places in multiple countries.

I know many Chinese choose to travel…

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