War on terror in Southeast Asia

The ongoing siege of Marawi City in the Philippines marks the start of a volatile new phase in the region's long battle with violent Islamic extremism By David Hutt, @davidhuttjourno When Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law over the southern island of Mindanao to combat an Islamic State-linked militant attack on Marawi City, it … Continue reading War on terror in Southeast Asia


SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) growing importance

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's role in global affairs continues to increase: the bloc has now focused on counterterrorism issues in the Eurasian "heartland" and the US and EU have to take this into account The West now has no other choice but to take the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) into account, Alexander Dugin, political scientist and the … Continue reading SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) growing importance

Europe – Migrant Crisis – Migrant Invasion Could Mean War for Greece and Turkey

Source: TRUNEWS The European Union's commissioner for migration urged EU member states on Monday (November 28) to take more refugees and send more asylum experts to help with the processing of migrants in countries such as Greece, where tensions have escalated at overcrowded camps. "The crisis we are all confronted with is far away from being … Continue reading Europe – Migrant Crisis – Migrant Invasion Could Mean War for Greece and Turkey

China Boosts Military Ties With India Amid Border Violence

  Source: Sputnik   China and India have announced they are to deepen their military-to-military ties after holding their first-ever joint tactical exercises earlier this year. This comes despite growing political tension between Beijing and New Delhi over border incursions across the India-China border. This week’s attempts to bolster military ties between world’s largest and second-largest standing … Continue reading China Boosts Military Ties With India Amid Border Violence

Syria: French Academic Exposes Left-Wing Charlatans as Harbingers of Terrorism


by Bruno Guigue,  21st Century Wire

Following the death of a prominent leader of the Arab-Lebanese resistance, murdered by the Zionist forces while on Syrian soil, I address this open letter to all left-wing  intellectuals and activists who have aligned themselves with the Syrian “revolution” and believe that by dreaming of the fall of Damascus, they are defending the Palestinian cause.

In the spring of 2011, you were telling us that the Arab revolutions represented an unprecedented hope for the peoples living under oppressive, bloodthirsty tyrants.  Our excessive optimism persuaded us to listen to your arguments for this miraculously flourishing democracy and your proclamations on the universal human rights.

You almost persuaded us that these popular uprisings deposing the Tunisian and Egyptian dictators were going to universally sweep tyranny from the Arab world, in Libya as in Syria, in Yemen as in Bahrain and who knows where else.

However the…

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