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Like with MH17 in Ukraine EgyptAir Flight MS804 crash is prequential to the US war on Egypt, by Scott

The US State Secretary John Kerry traveled on Wednesday May 18th to the presidential palace in Egypt. In news “The US secretary of state has held talks with the Egyptian president in Cario on the country’s political situation and peace proposals for the region, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Translating from the political doublespeak into English: The US and Israel tried to push Egypt to drop its support for the upcoming UN Palestine resolution. Israel has even tried to bribe the Egyptian leaders, by announcing during the meeting that “Israel may forgive half of Egypt’s $1.7b gas fine for a gas pipeline explosion in el-Arish, Egypt in July, 2012.” And this is very important: “Kerry: Egypt key regional partner by Jerusalem Post Israel News – ‎18 hours ago‎ Kerry’s brief visit fueled speculation that a behind the- scenes US-Egyptian-led peace process with Israel and other regional partners was in the works, which would circumvent the highly publicized French initiative to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. ”