Quasi-State: Kosovo is Europe’s Blind Zone – Economist

German economist, Martin Heipertz, spent several years in Kosovo as deputy head of the industrial and financial sector of the International Civilian Office, which later evolved into an EU mission in the region (EULEX). After his time in Kosovo, Heipertz wrote a book called "Macchiato diplomacy — Kosovo — the blind zone of Europe", he spoke about it to Sputnik Serbia. … Continue reading Quasi-State: Kosovo is Europe’s Blind Zone – Economist


Travel – Sharing Experience – Interview

We have a travel section as you know and most of articles published in that section are from bloggers rather than from people professionally promoting either destination or hotels, bars, restaurants etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with professional promoters and many of them have very good track record and rock solid credibility. However, it … Continue reading Travel – Sharing Experience – Interview