China plans another multibillion-dollar spending spree

Beijing announces plans to boost infrastructure investment despite debt crackdown and escalating trade tensions with the US By Gordon Watts It appears the best way to avoid a debt trap is to keep on spending. At a meeting of the State Council, the de facto cabinet of the Chinese government, plans were rolled out to … Continue reading China plans another multibillion-dollar spending spree

Germany’s Delegation To Russia Signals That Merkel Is Looking For New Allies

BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN A delegation of executives from major German corporations recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such delegations are not unusual. Sometimes it is routine, sometimes a courtesy. But occasionally, it has significance. In the case of Russia-Germany relations, such meetings are always potentially significant. Germany’s Unsteady Relations Two relationships are critical to Germany. … Continue reading Germany’s Delegation To Russia Signals That Merkel Is Looking For New Allies

Lean times for Asia’s billionaires

Recent surveys show the region's pool of super-rich tycoons dipped last year due to sluggish economic growth and a commodity price slump By Alan Boyd Want to get super rich in Asia? You will need to live in Hong Kong, Beijing or Singapore, attend a university in the United States or the United Kingdom, and … Continue reading Lean times for Asia’s billionaires

Japan’s Shifting Power Alliances

BY NOMI PRINS I’ve just wrapped up a long trip to Japan. And I’ve taken away one lesson from all of my conversations, speeches and research: The rise of nationalism in the U.S. will cause massive shifts in global trade alliances. One of the main beneficiaries will be Japan. Now, Japan might not be on your … Continue reading Japan’s Shifting Power Alliances

Precious Metals Supply and Demand

From Acting Man, by Keith Weiner Frexit Threat Macronized The dollar moved strongly, and is now over 25mg gold and 1.9g silver. This was a holiday-shortened week, due to the Early May bank holiday in the UK. The lateral entrant wakes up, preparing to march on, avenge the disinherited and let loose with fresh rounds … Continue reading Precious Metals Supply and Demand