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Germany’s Delegation To Russia Signals That Merkel Is Looking For New Allies

BY GEORGE FRIEDMAN A delegation of executives from major German corporations recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Such delegations are not unusual. Sometimes it is routine, sometimes a courtesy. But occasionally, it has significance. In the case of Russia-Germany relations, such meetings are always potentially significant. Germany’s Unsteady […]

Now, a dramatic rupture of the Sino-German “special relationship” and, accordingly, the dynamic economic synergy between China and Europe, is to be excluded. Down the road, however, if the two actors do not manage to strike a balance between their investment policy, a short circuit will be possible. In this sense, the protectionist sentiment that is mounting among European citizens will not certainly be of help, like the possible decision by the new American administration to further shield the country’s military-industrial complex – and its connections with the Old Continent’s strategic industries – from Chinese capital.

Germany in China-bashing mode

By EMANUELE SCIMIA NOVEMBER 10   Germany’s bellyache about China’s foreign direct investment policy is a sign of Europe’s growing displeasure with what is perceived as an imbalance in the economic ties between the Old Continent and the Asian giant. Sectors of the government in Berlin are calling […]

Russian Diamond Production – planning more independence and reorienting to Asian markets

As the rough diamond market continues to recover after having stagnated in 2015, Russian diamond miner Alrosa Group has boasted stronger sales in the first quarter of 2016: the company’s revenue soared by almost 37 percent, reaching $1.56 billion, while its profit more than doubled to $758.8 million. “Revenue from diamond sales jumped 41 percent to […]