Precious Metals Supply and Demand

From Acting Man, by Keith Weiner Frexit Threat Macronized The dollar moved strongly, and is now over 25mg gold and 1.9g silver. This was a holiday-shortened week, due to the Early May bank holiday in the UK. The lateral entrant wakes up, preparing to march on, avenge the disinherited and let loose with fresh rounds … Continue reading Precious Metals Supply and Demand


Energy News – China to Build Wind Farm in Russian Karelia

The government of the Russian Republic of Karelia and China State Energy Engineering (Sinomec), a Chinese company, agreed to build an electric wind generating plant in the region, the press office of the head of the Republic announced The agreement on cooperation in the field of power system development involving the construction of the station … Continue reading Energy News – China to Build Wind Farm in Russian Karelia

Germany in China-bashing mode

By EMANUELE SCIMIA NOVEMBER 10   Germany’s bellyache about China’s foreign direct investment policy is a sign of Europe’s growing displeasure with what is perceived as an imbalance in the economic ties between the Old Continent and the Asian giant. Sectors of the government in Berlin are calling bluntly for an intervention of the European … Continue reading Germany in China-bashing mode

Iran – Fast recovery from sanctions

  According to the IMF, Iran’s GDP is projected to go up 5 percent this year and next and may reach 8 percent by 2022. To make this happen the country needs $230 billion in domestic and foreign investments The financial and economic sanctions imposed on Tehran in 2012 over its nuclear program had a … Continue reading Iran – Fast recovery from sanctions

Foreign investment in Russia review

German Firms Double Investment in Russia Despite Sanctions German companies are keen to invest in Russia and have almost doubled their investment this year, German news magazine Der Spiegel reported. In spite of the EU's anti-Russian sanctions, in place since March 2014, German companies have almost doubled their investment in Russia this year, German news … Continue reading Foreign investment in Russia review