Indonesian polls may delay Freeport settlement

US mining giant's planned divestment in world's largest gold and second largest copper mine threatens to become ensnared in election politics By John McBeth If the difficult talks between the Indonesian government and American-owned Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold over the future of Papua’s Grasberg mine drag on beyond mid-year, they might well be postponed … Continue reading Indonesian polls may delay Freeport settlement


China charges Australia’s lithium boom

Australia enjoys new mining growth with rising demand for the light metal used in many 'next generation' technologies By Lachlan Colquhoun   Australia is on the cusp of a new commodities boom as a lithium exporter, and Chinese investors are well ahead in the race to secure their supply. As the critical ingredient in next … Continue reading China charges Australia’s lithium boom

Mining News – Indonesia

Indonesia and the US miner have made progress in behind-the-scenes negotiations to end an impasse over the future of the world’s most profitable mine By John McBeth After painting themselves into a corner, the Indonesian government and American mining giant Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold are finally taking tentative steps in quiet negotiations to end … Continue reading Mining News – Indonesia

Mining – Gold – Indonesia – Specter of unrest in Indonesian mine mire

Settlers from outside Papua now make up the majority of the territory’s 3.5 million-strong population, but at least a million of those are indigenous Papuans who have little regard for a disdainful central government that has treated them poorly in the past.

US miner Freeport McMoran's dispute with the government could intensify as workers lose jobs and top US politicians take special interest in the case By John McBeth During a recent presentation to Australian academics, a respected Jakarta-based analyst made the bold prediction that if the current stand-off between the Indonesian government and US mining giant … Continue reading Mining – Gold – Indonesia – Specter of unrest in Indonesian mine mire