Hungary: Paradise for liberals

by István Lovas   Do you wonder what you are going to read in the mainstream press on Hungary tomorrow? I will tell you. The same as yesterday, and the same as in the past almost seven years since Hungary’s right-of-center Fidesz government, led by the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, was elected. You will learn … Continue reading Hungary: Paradise for liberals


Ted Turner, CNN, Putin, and the Amazing Oligarchs Drama Unfolding

Christiane Amanpour was barbequed by RT’s Anissa Naouai some years back over an interview the CNN anchor conducted in which Amanpour left out significant parts. Today the legendary war correspondent accused in the past of “one sided” journalism is called out over her reporting on the Aleppo boy Omran Daqneesh the White Helmets group so … Continue reading Ted Turner, CNN, Putin, and the Amazing Oligarchs Drama Unfolding

Two Years of “Wrong” Votes: The Media Take Aim at Democracy

Jeremy Corbyn has won two leadership contests, and gained the largest vote share for Labour in decades. Hillary Clinton had to cheat to get past Bernie Sanders, and was then humiliated by Donald Trump. The UK voted to leave the EU. After two years of getting the “wrong” results thanks to voters refusing to do … Continue reading Two Years of “Wrong” Votes: The Media Take Aim at Democracy

American Paranoia Deserves Russian Mockery

Finian Cunningham   US politicians and media have evidently become so unhinged from Russian conspiracy theory, they are perhaps best treated with the mockery they deserve Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was in Washington this week to discuss serious global issues with his American counterpart Rex Tillerson. Instead of asking the pair about the Syrian conflict or the danger of nuclear … Continue reading American Paranoia Deserves Russian Mockery

Round Two – Soros & Google vs. Le Pen

The International Reporter For some time I’ve been urging that the current political-cultural climate should be viewed “whole”, and that we’re witnessing an historical arc of unprecedented uniqueness. We are, I’ve been urging, in one of those periodic paradigm shifts that seems to happen about once every five hundred years, the last one being the … Continue reading Round Two – Soros & Google vs. Le Pen