China 5G tests hit 19 Gbps and is on track for 2020 deployment

Technology News Eurasia   Phase 2 of China’s National 5G tests were conducted in Huairou in Beijing. ZTE completed tests for continuous wide coverage, eMBB (enhanced mobile broadband) at sub-6Ghz, eMBB at millimeter-wave frequencies, uRLLC (ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communications), eMTC (massive Machine Type Communications), in addition to two hybrid scenarios, achieving multiple breakthroughs: eMBB@Sub6GHz … Continue reading China 5G tests hit 19 Gbps and is on track for 2020 deployment


Asian firms lead the race to harness AI technology

Baidu is one of Asia's corporate pioneers that are leading in the race to find applications for an innovation that promises to unleash a revolution   By Doug Tsuruoka   It is not an arms race, but it is expected to have a bigger impact than bombs or missiles on the future of global heavyweights … Continue reading Asian firms lead the race to harness AI technology


Its range of applications in commerce, finance and potentially politics continues to widen, and that has triggered a debate around how to regulate the tool By Vasilis Kostakis, Primavera de Filippi and Wolfgang Drechsler The headlong pace of technological change produces giant leaps forward in knowledge, innovation, new possibilities and, almost inevitably, legal problems. That’s … Continue reading Blockchain

Hyperloop News

SpaceX Shows Off New Hyperloop Test Tube A new SpaceX video gives a glimpse of what a ride in the proposed Hyperloop transportation system might be like   Hyperloop competition pitted 27 research teams against each other for the chance to test-drive their model pods in a test tube built by SpaceX at its headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Proposed by SpaceX founder Elon … Continue reading Hyperloop News

Do Chinese Import Hurt American Innovation?

  Competition from China appears to be hobbling innovation in the United States, say the authors of a new study that juxtaposes import penetration and patent applications. The issue: A company’s innovation is sometimes measured by the number of its patent applications. Patents, the idea goes, indicate spending on research and development, which is especially … Continue reading Do Chinese Import Hurt American Innovation?