What is Fethulla Gülen?


by F. William Engdahl, for NEO

Since the failed coup attempt in Turkey of July 15 there has been much speculation in western media that it in fact was all engineered by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to provide him with the pretext to impose emergency rule and to jail any and all opposition to his rule. At this point evidence still suggests that that was not at all the case. Rather, as I wrote at the time when it was clear the coup attempt was collapsing, it was a coup initiated by the CIA acting through their primary asset inside Turkey, the networks of their fugitive Turkish asset Fethullah Gülen. When we examine more closely “what” is Fethullah Gülen he is anything but the grandfatherly image of a 75-year-old soft-spoken Islamic moderate, scholar and Imam. His networks have been called the most dangerous in Germany by Islamic experts and have been…

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US-UK Dirty War: ‘Latin American-style’ Death Squads in Iraq Revealed Through Chilcot

This week another toxic revelation dripped out of the Chilcot Report.According to top British SAS officers, US commander Stanley McChrystal’s counter-insurgency “black-ops” featured a program of relentless violence designed to ‘speed up’ the process of political cleansing and the so-called “reconstruction” of Iraq.

by Patrick Henningson, Global Research: 


What also interesting here, is the Chilcot’s choice of language, including the term “Latin American-style death squads”, which by default implies the United States government was party to war crimes in Central America during the 1980’s – a claim which it has always been strenuously denied in public, even though the general public and academia recognizes this to be a self-evident fact of America’s long-running ugly history of intervention in that region.

The Independent report reveals the level of sheer depravity by US command:

“The mission was an extraordinary set-up: inside the command centre – “The Machine” – was the…

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Strange Love: General Breedlove, Potomac Institute and Chechen Terrorists

As this article was going to press, a trusted intelligence source told me that 700 or so Chechens had just entered Syria armed with advanced missiles, apparently intending to attack Russian forces there. They had come through Georgia. As long as generals act treasonably and the Potomac Institute continue to exist, we can expect more indiscriminate murder in the name of democracy and human rights.

by Henry Kramens, NEO: 

34534534543Effective investigate journalism is putting forth material for public consumption which is timely and interesting to the readership, public and private, if you get my meaning— the right thing produced at the right time for the right audience.

The recent email revelations of General Philip Breedlove’s aggressive efforts to persuade the US to go beyond a proxy war in Ukraine come as no surprise when we consider the backgrounds of those he was plotting with. Hacked Emails Reveal NATO General Plotting…

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Turkey on the ropes

This has been an amazing week which saw the first clear sign of the collapse of the EU and Turkish President Erdogan presenting his excuses to Russia for the downing of a Russian SU-24 over Syria 7 month ago. While the latter event was largely eclipsed by the former, it might be the sign of something even more dramatic taking place: the collapse of Turkey.

The Saker: 

Does that seem like hyperbole?

Let’s look again.

The Presidency of Erdogan has been nothing short of cataclysmic for Turkey which resulted in a perfect storm of crises, each of the very serious:

1) Crisis in Syria: the Turkish policy of support for Daesh to overthrow Assad has failed. Abjectly so. Not only is Assad still in power, but the latest bombing in Turkey seem to indicated that Daesh is turning against Turkey now (assuming the official explanations is true, which it…

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Syria’s Jaysh al-Islam “Opposition” Group Which Washington Refused to Add to Terror List Shells UN Convoy

Jaysh al-Islam, a group that is trying to overthrow Bashar al-Assad and establish a caliphate in Syria, has shelled a UN humanitarian convoy in the province of Damascus, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. Moscow urged the UN to designate the group as a terrorist organization, but the US blocked this initiative.

by Sputnik, Global Research: 

us-syria flags

The incident took place in Harasta, a suburb of Damascus, the ministry detailed. The driver of the truck that was distributing humanitarian aid is said to have been badly wounded.

In addition, Jaysh al-Islam fighters shelled the Syrian Arab Army in the villages of Arbil and Jaubar.

Headquartered in Eastern Ghouta, Jaysh al-Islam has been active in Damascus, the Syrian province of Homs and the Lebanese town of Arsal. It is estimated to have up to 25,000 fighters, making it the largest radical group operating close to the capital. The group is believed to have been supported by Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Jaysh al-Islam has coordinated its activities with al-Nusra Front…

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