Boarding the Šargan Eight

Enjoying one of the most beautiful scenic ride through the hills of Serbia while boarding the Šargan Eight is a “must”! Šargan Eight is a narrow – gauge heritage railway located in the gorgeous Mok… Source: Boarding the Šargan Eight

Welcome to Moscow! Amazing experience inside the Kremlin Walls

  Kremlin walls.  Another must do in one’s lifetime, in my very humble opinion.  It’s like the Great Wall of China.  Like the pyramids.  Like CN Tower. Maybe not the CN Tower.  That was j… Source: Welcome to Moscow! Amazing experience inside the Kremlin Walls

Tourism – Travel – Thailand

Will ‘Teflon’ tourism always save Thailand? Visitor numbers continue to grow despite political turbulence Outside Bangkok’s Grand Palace, a shop selling mini-pineapples is doing a roaring trade. Hordes of parched tourists, nudged along by tour leaders, shuffle along the sidewalks with the northern Thai delicacy perched on a stick. The visitors’ bright red and orange attire … Continue reading Tourism – Travel – Thailand