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‘Real Bali’ as Western construct: Rethinking tourism’s ‘ruination’ of Bali

Lisa Qian Yale University undergraduate studying economics, human rights and Southeast Asia Anyone even remotely familiar with the tourism industry of Bali has inevitably heard the question: “Is tourism ruining Bali?” This question has become the central topic of clichéd debate among both short-term tourists and long-term residents, in […]

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Will ‘Teflon’ tourism always save Thailand? Visitor numbers continue to grow despite political turbulence Outside Bangkok’s Grand Palace, a shop selling mini-pineapples is doing a roaring trade. Hordes of parched tourists, nudged along by tour leaders, shuffle along the sidewalks with the northern Thai delicacy perched on a stick. […]

10 Ways to Get Around Bangkok

Getting around Bangkok can sometimes be extremely frustrating, as you can often find yourself slowly inching forward in what seems like a never ending traffic jam. However, there are several ways you can travel around the wonderful city, sometimes without having to see a single car. Here are…