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Damascus by Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai

Frequent misconceptions surround the Russian role in the Middle East, and particularly its role in Syria. Many Syrians claim to see Russia attacking Israel or delivering to the Syrian government all its advanced weapons, technology and modern jets so these can be used against Israel, against Israel’s continuous violation of its air space and invasion of its sovereignty. Actually, Syrians would like to see Russia bombing Israel or taking sides in the Iran (plus allies) – Israel conflict, and delivering the advanced anti-air missiles S-300 or even S-400 to Syria. Until today, all those with anti-Israeli feeling find Russia’s role (in the Middle East in general and in Syria in particular) hard to understand. This goes for the nature of its relationship with Israel too, and even the US. We…

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On summit sidelines, China, Japan and Russia mull Korean chessboard

Global eyes are on the inter-Korean and upcoming North Korea-US summit. But other regional players also have stakes in the strategic peninsula By Andrew Salmon The eyes of the world will be fixed on the Korean demilitarized zone on Friday when when North Korean leader Kim Jong-un crosses the border in the inter-Korean truce village … Continue reading On summit sidelines, China, Japan and Russia mull Korean chessboard

Australia-Indonesia border tensions resurface

Canberra's settlement with Timor Leste on the Greater Sunrise gas field is making waves for other maritime boundary disputes By Alan Boyd Indonesia’s long-held resentment over Australia’s sprawling maritime claims along their ill-defined border have spilled into the diplomatic arena following a recent settlement of a parallel dispute in neighboring Timor Leste, also known as … Continue reading Australia-Indonesia border tensions resurface

Afrin marks the point of collapse for American influence in Syria

Washington's abandonment of the Kurds left them with no other choice but to turn to the Assad government and its Russian backers. It's Moscow's chessboard now By David P. Goldman Abandoned by Washington and under bombardment by the Turkish army, the beleaguered Kurdish forces in the northern Syrian town of Afrin asked for, and received, … Continue reading Afrin marks the point of collapse for American influence in Syria

America’s Syrian humiliation is worse than it looks

Turkey’s attack on US-backed Kurds this week comes as a new set of economic relationships emerges to bankroll Ankara's regional ambitions By David P. Goldman   Turkey’s “Olive Branch” incursion against Kurdish positions in Northern Syria looked bad for Washington. It’s worse than it looks: Turkey cemented a new set of strategic and economic relationships … Continue reading America’s Syrian humiliation is worse than it looks