The primary beneficiary – Nord Stream sabotage

The beneficiary of the sabotage on the Nord Stream is obvious: it is the United States, which is interested in Berlin not being tempted to go back to using it this winter

German citizens should finally open their eyes and recognise another Anglo-American secret war against them and their country. Whenever Anglo-Americans could not compete with Germany in manufacturing and managing their economies, they pushed it into the war against Russia! They hope that this sabotage for which they will accuse Russia will result in the third one.

German citizens and citizens of other European countries connected to Russian gas supplies through Nord Stream pipelines should know that war on them was declared by their fake allies, US and UK. Older among them will remember what Americans did with their partners in Vietnam at the end of that war. The world observed what Americans, British and some NATO allies did to their Afghani allies just over one year ago.

Parents of European children shivering in their cold apartments and classroom should know who caused that misery. They should also remember that their corrupt governments and EU bureaucrats enabled these terror acts. If not even being part of it.

There are no such coincidences

A sharp pressure drop was recorded on Monday, September 26, in two gas pipelines at once – Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2.

There are two leaks on Nord Stream: one in the Swedish economic zone and the other in the Danish economic zone.

“They are very close to each other,” a spokesman for the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) told Reuters.

Nord Stream 2 was filled with gas to pressurize the pipeline to 300 bar in anticipation of a gas permit that never materialized due to EU sanctions.

“The destruction that occurred on the same day simultaneously on three strings of the offshore gas pipelines of the Nord Stream system is unprecedented,” Nord Stream AG told TASS.

According to the newspaper Tagesspiegel, citing an anonymous insider in the federal government, what happened is a “targeted attack.”

“Everything suggests that this is not a coincidence,” the source said.

The pipeline is new and built from durable and high-quality German steel, Jurgen Trittin , a German politician who served as Minister for Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety from 1998-2005, said on NTV.

“If such a pipeline suddenly leaked, then, undoubtedly, this was due to the violent rupture of this pipeline,” he added.

Few countries have the ability to blow up Nord Stream

The German federal government is working with Danish authorities to find the cause of the incident. According to the Danes, a five-nautical mile exclusion zone has been set up around the pipeline south of Bornholm. An estimated underwater leak depth is 60 to 70 meters.

If this is sabotage, then experts point out that few countries have such an opportunity. It should be carried out by special forces, such as Navy divers, or with the participation of a submarine.

With the shutdown of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline (which operated at a third of its capacity), gas supplies from Russia to Germany and Central Europe will only be possible through the Yamal pipe through Poland or the Ukrainian pipeline network. The first option has been working in reverse for a long time, and the Ukrainian GTS – only through one transfer station controlled by Kyiv.

The beneficiary of the sabotage is the USA

Nord Stream will not be operational this winter. And problems with gas in Europe will be aggravated.

Two versions of who is behind the sabotage are being discussed in the west. On the one hand, it could be “Ukrainian forces or forces associated with Ukraine. On the other hand, it may be beneficial for Russia! Apparently, Russia hopes to cause additional uncertainty and raise gas prices again.”

Let’s think about the above two versions. Moscow is interested in gas supplies to Europe to generate income. The eastern (Chinese) vector of gas supplies will not soon wholly replace the western one.

President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly called on Germany to launch Nord Stream 2.

To resume the work of Nord Stream 2 and gas supplies to the EU, it is enough “just to press a button,” he said. According to the President of Russia, European politicians are to blame for the energy crisis, driving themselves into a “sanctions dead end.”

And the beneficiary in the face of the United States is obvious. Washington has long been working to destroy the Russian competitor. EU payments for Russian gas were in Euros instead of dollars. That was challenging the dominance of the dollar. Elimination of Russian supplies would increase the income of US companies. And also, for political and propaganda reasons, Berlin would not be tempted to back down. Russa has lost its leverage over gas supplies to the EU by pipeline destruction.

Why Russia needs another 300,000 “bayonets”?

The West understood why Russia needed another 300,000 “bayonets”. It is Odessa and Kharkov stupid!

Did the west finally understand why Russia is calling for partial mobilisation? Could it be Odessa and Kharkov?

The mainstream newspaper of America, the New York Times, and part-time “brain and laundry” of the US Democratic Party published a forecast for a plebiscite in 4 regions – the DPR, the LPR, part of Zaporozhye and the Kherson region – on their entry into the Russian Federation.

According to author Carly Olson, “Russian-led referendums in parts of Ukraine are expected to show that most residents voted in favour of joining Russia. After that the Kremlin will formally announce the annexation as early as this week.”

Yeah, the Russian people living on Russian lands, who, due to a misunderstanding, found themselves in the “Ukraine”, categorically do not want to be part of the Banderstat. They confirmed their desire to return to their fatherland during the popular vote. The Yankees still scribble all sorts of nonsense about annexation. On the other hand, whether Olson from the NYT wanted it or not, she declared the referendum’s legitimacy.

As for the future of the territories where the referendum ends. It is clear the Americans have no doubts that these regions are lost to Ukraine. “Russia has stated that it will protect them as if they were Russian territory. Including an arsenal of nuclear weapons.” I don’t see how more clear one can make it.

A much more important question for the West, and for us Russians is what will happen next? Or rather, where the Kremlin will send new forces? Does anyone want to guess?

All those western “institutes” and think tanks

The authors of the ASB Military News Internet resource are confident that a third of a million recruits with combat experience or a military profession will be enough to ensure security. At least within the new territories of Russia. Of course, the necessary reserve will be created from them in case of crisis situations. But it is unlikely that those mobilized will immediately be sent to the front. Significant parts of the regular Russian army are being released. Reservists will replace them. That would allow for unrushed additional training as well.

In turn, American military expert Scott Ritter believes that the real military campaign will not end until other territorial tasks are resolved. After that, the West’s interest in Ukraine will drop sharply. He writes: “Partial mobilization is taking place in parallel with political referendums that will lead to the annexation of Donbass and other Ukrainian territories to the Russian Federation … I believe that at some point the absorption of Ukrainian territory will be expanded to include Odessa, and Kharkiv.” My advice would be to listen to Scott. He knows what he is talking about.

“If the figures voiced by Shoigu turn out to be true, then the mobilization of an additional 300 thousand enemy soldiers will create serious problems for us… it is worth recognizing that the actions [of the Armed Forces of Ukraine] are partially successful due to the stretching of the front and the low density of distribution of manpower of the RF Armed Forces, weapons and enemy equipment,”

Don’t panic, we are British

According to insiders from the [Ukraine] president’s office, Zelensky, together with MI6, is trying to minimize the fears of independent soldiers associated with mobilization in our country.

Dear Brits, for the first time since WWII you are a more “popular” candidate for free heating supplied by Russia. Germans were leaders till recently. Now, God saves the Queen. Or… Something like that… God might be busy blessing America instead. Or… He might be sick of all that scum after all.

Sources inside of Banderstat claim that the Anglo-Saxons have divided their responsibilities. The Yankees run the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They connected the entire apparatus of the Pentagon. The Britons took over the psychological operations. 

Now the British are trying in every possible way to discredit the conscription of 300,000 reservists. eh, those Russians cannot get it right! We have told you so!

A variety of sources have reported that the Kyiv regime is preparing to issue subpoenas to another million people to maintain a manpower advantage.

The Britons believe that Moscow will be forced to respond to new waves of graves full of (forced) Nazis with additional conscription of Russians for military service. MI6 still relies on anti-war protests in the Russian Federation.

In Ukraine, any dissent ends up in the basement of the SBU and getting on the list of missing persons. All by the Fourth Reich “value” called “rule of law”

The news is just in – some “accidents” hit Nord Stream 1 and 2. What a coincidence! Novichok anyone? Was it MI6 alone or with the help of “Polish fishermen”? Wait and see

Using Ukraine to destroy EU agriculture

The grain from Ukraine is flooding European markets

Ukrainian grain is flooding European markets! Is there a reason for this to happen? There surely is a reason. Initiated from the other side of the Atlantic. The United States is not only destroying EU manufacturing by imposing high prices of energy and shortage of the same. War in Ukraine that is now openly inflamed by NATO-led by interests of the Anglo-American criminal gang. It is also used to destroy European agriculture.

Farmers in Poland, Bulgaria and France rioted against the collapse or the prices of some agricultural products.

Eastern European states hit the most – another coincidence?

The EU has discovered an unexpected problem in grain imports from Ukraine. Although its import helped to stabilize prices, it caused significant friction with local farmers. Agricultural products poured into the markets of Eastern Europe. There, unlike Western Europe, did not experience problems with drought and crop failures this summer. As a result, prices in local markets fell, leading to massive discontent among farmers, mostly owners of small farms. The fall in prices against rising prices for fuels, lubricants and fertilizers became a heavy blow for them. Especially because these deliveries to the European market were not planned.

In July, Russia and Ukraine, through the mediation of Turkey, signed an agreement on supplying Ukrainian grain to world markets through the ports of the Black Sea. According to the Ukrainian side, at the end of July, there were about 20 million tons of grain and sunflower seeds in the storage facilities. This is likely a strong exaggeration, but in any case, it was about millions of tons. 

It was assumed that the lion’s share of supplies should be sent to developing countries. They are traditionally the main market for Ukrainian agricultural exporters. The reality turned out to be somewhat different. By mid-September, Turkey and Asian states received 47% of the grain. 17% went to Africa, and 36% went to the European Union. EU previously bought relatively little grain from Ukraine. The most interesting thing is that this did not require opening ports at all. Most of the exports to European countries went by rail.

There was no shortage of these products in Europe and EU in particular

It should be noted that, despite the drought, European grain harvests, in general, remain in order. As recently as July, the US Department of Agriculture predicted a fall in yields in relation to 2021 by only a few per cent. This is all the more true for Poland, where, in fact, there was no serious drought, and the amount of precipitation in spring and summer was about 70–90% of the norm, which is quite enough to harvest a good harvest in Polish conditions.

Poland is not the only country suffering from competition with Ukrainian grain. Romania (itself one of the largest exporters of wheat and corn in Europe) and Bulgaria faced the same problems. In the latter, mass protests took place, further shaking the already difficult political situation in the country. Bulgarian farmers and the politicians who represent them insist that the competition is unfair. Ukrainian producers are not required to comply with strict environmental standards, without which local products will not be certified. And, accordingly, their costs, other things being equal, are incomparably less. If import duties stopped earlier this problem, now they do not exist.

Discontent is also actively brewing in France, where farmers are faced with the appearance on the market of huge volumes of not only grain but also chicken, which in Ukraine has become a rather important export item. Poultry farmers are unhappy not only with falling prices but also with the fact that products from outside the EU take up a lot of space in warehouses and ports.

Do farmers matter to decision-makers in the EU?

Ultimately, it is the rural population, especially the farmers, who are one of the most politically active social groups in Europe. Violating their interests is economically harmful and dangerous in the long term in the socio-political sense. On the other hand, given how the Netherlands, with perhaps the most advanced and technologically advanced agriculture in the world, treats its farmers, it is possible that in the modern EU, the wealth and lifestyle of farmers do not matter so much to decision makers.

Let’s not forget several things:

1. It is estimated that around 1/3 of the agricultural land in Ukraine was sold to western, and particularly American corporations pushing GMO food on the rest of the world.

2. This is the way for Ukraine to pay part of the arms supplies,

3. This is helpful in efforts to blame Russia for any possible grain shortage in underdeveloped countries.

Arrogant Nancy Pelosi’s Caucasian Weekend

Why is the Speaker of the US Parliament going to Armenia?

Author Andrey Nikolaev

After a successful summer provocative tour to Taiwan, Nancy Pelosi flies to another hot spot in every sense – sunny Armenia. But if, in the case of China, the intention of the United States was clear, then who should be angered by the current visit of an elderly American politician to Armenia?

It is unlikely that the arrival of such a distinguished guest can impress at least someone in the Caucasus. Except for Armenia itself. And the declared purpose of the visit? A demonstration of support for the people of Armenia in the face of the so-called “aggression” of Azerbaijan. It looks like a rather on-duty mission. Or not?

Maybe the US is failing to realize its plans? With the arrival of Pelosi, Washington wants to give its role additional political weight.

This is quite possible if we assume the following course of events.

The West is represented by various players so far. The United States tried in every possible way to pull over the process of a peaceful settlement between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Participants in the negotiation process, including Russia and Azerbaijan, did not fundamentally object to different platforms for discussion. Moscow and Baku understood that such a blur could eventually lead to Armenia refusing the route map defined in the agreement on November 9, 2020.

The information that Yerevan could take such steps became known in Baku after the visit of the co-chair of the Minsk Group from the United States, Philip Reeker. It seems that during the meeting with Pashinyan, the American diplomat conveyed ultimatum demands to pedal the peace talks.

No news demands by Baku

Realizing that the peace agreement implementation was drifting away into an unpredictable distance, Aliyev decided on a military scenario. Further waiting could again stretch for years. Meanwhile, Baku did not put forward any new demands. Baku only demanded the implementation of earlier agreements.

Judging by Aliyev’s actions, he might not have known what instructions Philip Ricoeur gave to the Armenian leadership. And, perhaps, he acted based on his political logic, like a sentry on duty, opening fire on a warning. It is no coincidence that a ceasefire was announced the next day, September 13. Baku was waiting for a reaction.

But then Philip Ricoeur went to Baku. And here, Aliyev realized that he was not mistaken in his assumptions. Military activity continued.

In the arguments of the experts, the scenario of crossing the Armenian border by Azerbaijan was assessed as impossible. After all, Armenia is a member of the CSTO, if there is external interference, then Russia will be obliged to intervene.

But this scenario suits Azerbaijan quite well. After all, Baku is also an ally of Moscow, according to the declaration signed by Putin and Aliyev on February 22, 2022. Just two days before the start of the special operation, which is very symbolic.

Activating CSTO Mechanism

Military activity on the Armenian border in the Zangezur region will activate the CSTO mechanism. At the same time, only the 102nd base of the Russian Federation in the Armenian city of Gyumri, as well as units of the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia, which, by agreement with Armenia, participate in the protection of the Armenian-Turkish border, can be the most quickly reacting component of the CSTO in this zone.

Russian units will take control of the territory of the Zangezur corridor, and this will suit Azerbaijan quite well, as it is fully consistent with the agreement of November 9, 2020, which states:

The Republic of Armenia guarantees the security of transport communication between the western regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic in order to organize the unhindered movement of citizens, vehicles and goods in both directions. Control over transport communications is carried out by the Border Guard Service of the FSB of Russia.

By agreement of the Parties, the construction of new transport communications will be provided linking the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic with the western regions of Azerbaijan.

Such a course of events will lead to a result that has long been agreed upon and agreed upon with Armenia in principle. But Yerevan cannot take this step because:

  • The active objections of the opposition and a significant part of society.
  • Behind-the-scenes games of Western sponsors.

Washington needs to squeeze Russia out of the Transcaucasus. And at the same time, prevent Turkey and Azerbaijan from creating transport communications.

The scenario of transferring the corridor under the control of the CSTO, read Russia, seems to be playing against the United States. However, one should not underestimate the ability of American policy to Jesuit logic.

They may well use their defeat for their own purposes, presenting Russia in the eyes of the Armenians as the main manipulator and beneficiary. And then the formal alliance of Russia with respect to Armenia will be presented as actual deceit and hypocrisy.

Quite complicated attitude towards Russia

In Armenia, the attitude towards Russia is already quite complicated. Many believe that Moscow could do much more for Armenia than introducing a peacekeeping contingent and patronage in peace negotiations. And on such fertile ground, the anti-Russian narrative can yield results.

But so far, the Armenian opposition is not promoting the anti-Russian agenda. Protesters in Armenia are trying to recruit one of the former presidents of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, as their leader. He enjoys great prestige and respect in Armenia. Himself a native of Karabakh, a war hero of the early 1990s, and he is considered a friend of Russia.

The anti-Pashinyan sentiments of the opposition, with the work of Western sponsors, will be able to turn the country against Russia, making the latter guilty for all the troubles of Armenia. In this case, Armenia’s withdrawal from the CSTO will only be a matter of time. And a very short one. Then a tactical victory for Russia in Transcaucasia could become a strategic defeat.

Serbia “persuaded” to make “difficult decisions”

EU persistently demands from Belgrade a territorial compromise on the issue of Kosovo in exchange for European integration

It is essential to make some statements and ask some questions before proceeding with the rest of this article. Serbia always knew how to make difficult decisions, but there is a chance that globalists from EU and Washington will not like them.

  • It is very ignorant to call the process of pushing for a quick resolution of the Kosovo and Metohija status “persuasion”. Frankly, it increasingly looks like sending Belgrade one ultimatum after the other. After EU and US “special envoys” we see France and Germany naming “specialists” of their own. Interestingly, nobody is representing United Nations.
  • EU is not demanding territorial COMPROMISE. They are, as their American and British masters demanding that Serbia hand over Kosovo and Metohija. In no dictionary, I could find that could be called “compromise”.
    • Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija is not under the control of Serbian authorities due to the ILLEGAL AGGRESSION by NATO in 1999.
    • EU or their envoys are not authorised to offer Serbia “European integration”. They have no authority to make such a decision! The decision regarding new members is made by CONSENSUS of all countries that are already members.

    “Forget that Kosovo is Serbia”

    “We are sending this joint letter at a time of critical importance for security on the European continent and stability in the Western Balkans region,” the leaders begin their address to Vučić. 

    A paper sent some time ago was belatedly leaked to the press. The Prime Minister of unrecognized Kosovo, Albert Kurti, received a similar appeal, only with softer wording.

    Macron and Scholz indicated in the letter that they have appointed their advisers Emmanuel Bonn and Jens Plötner in support of the EU Special Representative for the Western Balkans Miroslav Lajcak. And once again, they linked the “additional efforts” of Belgrade with the European perspective of the country

    Officials at a lower level, such as MEPs, have long been setting the conditions straight. If you don’t recognize Kosovo, don’t join the EU. The resolution adopted in Strasbourg in July demanded not only to recognize the self-proclaimed republic, but also to join the anti-Russian sanctions. Otherwise, no European integration. Even in Kiev persistent voices were heard to “re-educate” Serbia.

    An ultimatum to Serbia under the guise of negotiations

    “ The letter of the two leaders, in fact, is an ultimatum written in sweet words and a clear signal to the leadership of the Serbian state that the political West expects a quick solution in accordance with the basic political and power principles of the EU and NATO line.”

    Serbian historian and political scientist Aleksandar Zhivotic

    In the context of the Ukrainian crisis, the leading EU countries are in a hurry to complete their “Kosovo independence” project. They are waiting for the definition of new European security architecture and are making efforts to pacify the territory, which they consider their zone of influence exclusively.

    Over the past decade, European diplomacy has used a more cunning formulation. It is a “legally binding normalization of relations.” This is the same – the recognition of independence. But carefully chosen words were designed to stop the emotional reaction of the Serbs. In addition, this creates a situation of negotiations, not an ultimatum. After all, the process of normalizing relations involves concessions on both sides. In fact, Pristina rarely makes them. And, if they do during “negotiations” these are ignored and never implemented.

    The broadest compromise represents the maximum autonomy of the Albanians. It is without recognition of independence, with the full protection of the Serbian population and cultural heritage.

    It is time to move these “negotiations” to the United Nations. That is the best answer to the latest pressures and ultimatums.

    What do Russians need to know about Ukraine?

    Do not be seduced by the illusions made by the Bolsheviks!

    Soviet and Russian propaganda for a long time and stubbornly hushed up uncomfortable facts about the “fraternal people” – now we are getting burned on this

    By Alexander Shirokorad

    In Soviet times, we were told daily about the great friendship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples. Yes, it was true to some extent. But in Ukraine, millions of Banderists hated Russians, as well as Poles and Jews.

    In the special depository of Leninka, I saw several yellowed books published in the 1920s which spoke about the wildest crimes of the Petliurists. In the photographs, people are quartered, impaled, and burned alive. However, in the 1930s, all these books were confiscated and destroyed, and several copies were handed over to the special depository.

    During the Great Patriotic War, only in Belarus, 17 police battalions formed from Ukrainians committed atrocities. They destroyed the village of Khatyn. Moreover, they did it on their initiative, without the sanction of the Germans. The participation of Ukrainians in the mass executions at Babi Yar in Kyiv was also concealed from us.

    There were hundreds of thousands of Bandera, and they got off with a slight fright for their terrible crimes. After 1936 and until 1950, the death penalty in the USSR was abolished. And all the acts of the Bandera agitprop hid from the Soviet people. Like, “someone here and there in Ukraine at times” was an assistant to the SS, but the entire population of Western Ukraine was partisan and hated the Germans.

    After 1991

    After 1991, agitprop, already anti-Soviet, utterly lied about the events in Ukraine. Everything connected with the Ukrainian SSR was cursed or consigned to oblivion. The press was filled with Russophobic articles. The monuments to Lenin were demolished after 1992. Several monuments to Suvorov and Kutuzov were demolished. Monuments to Bandera, Petlyura, and Hetman Skoropadsky were erected everywhere.

    It reached the point that a monument was erected in Kiev to the “king of all Ukraine”, Vasil Vyshyvanny, nee Wilhelm von Habsburg. Alas, the Austrian henchman Vasil did not have to become king – the Kaiser slammed his fist on the table: “Our Hauptmann Skoropadsky and no kings should rule Ukraine!”

    All this agitprop was kept secret from the people and, as before, chattered about the great friendship. Anti-Russia began to be created in 1992 – however, the term “AntiRussia” was first mentioned by President Putin only in June 2021.

    Stalin made a mistake by annexing Western Ukraine to the Ukrainian SSR. It should have been left as part of Poland. As a last resort, it was necessary to completely clean up the region from all Bandera and their accomplices. This is exactly what the Poles did, completely “sanitizing” the lands inhabited by Ukrainians that remained in Poland. These guys professed the Bandera ideology, and the Poles sent some to concentration camps and some to the territories seized from the Germans.

    2014 Coup

    In 2014, the Kyiv junta was supported by the absolute majority of the population of Western Ukraine. But in the east, they were against it. In Sevastopol – 99.9% of the inhabitants, and in Crimea – about 90%. As a result, the peninsula returned without blood to Russia.

    Since 1992, Kyiv has been preparing its troops in Crimea to suppress the uprising of the Russian population. By February 2014, about half of the special forces of Ukraine and the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU were based in Crimea. 

    However, in the spring of 2014, most of the units immediately went over to the side of the Crimeans, and only a few units maintained hostile neutrality. Nobody dared to use weapons. Over 70% of SBU officers went over to the side of the Russian Federation. Whoever does not believe, let him look at the lists of these “traitor” officers on the website “Peacemaker” **.

    In Donbas, most of the Ministry of Internal Affairs employees joined the junta’s opponents. In the spring of 2014, regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not want to fight for the LPR and DPR. Then, in April-May, the battalions Azov *, Donbass *, Aidar * and others were formed from zealous nationalists and criminals with the money of the oligarchs. They suppressed popular uprisings in Mariupol, Nikolaev, Odessa, Severodonetsk and others cities.

    Post 2014

    Since 2014, regular troops have also been involved in the ATO. Over the next 8 years, about 400 thousand Ukrainian soldiers passed through the ATO. Many marched involuntarily, but falling under the fire of the militias and intense artillery fire from the adjacent territory, they gradually began to consider both the Donbass and Russia as enemies. Each fighter had families who worried about their father or son and cursed the inhabitants of Donbass and the Russian Federation.

    since 2014, the population of Ukraine has been subjected to massive processing by the propaganda apparatus of Kyiv from above, and from below, every day they heard the curses of two million refugees and participants in the ATO.

    As a result, the same thing happened in Ukraine from 2014 to 2022 as in Germany from 1932 to 1939. The majority of the population of Ukraine managed to instil the ideology of Bandera and pathological Russophobia. Playing with wooden machine guns and killing Russians began to be taught in kindergartens. And again, agitprop framed the Russians, banning any information about the evolution of Ukrainian attitudes towards Russia.

    It could be stopped in 2014

    I will not be surprised that people in the Kremlin became victims of agitprop. In 2014, a landing on Kyiv and Odessa in a week would have led to the junta’s fall.

    However, after eight years of Bandera propaganda, our troops faced stubborn resistance from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, most of whose servicemen hated Russia. In terms of durability, they can be compared with the Wehrmacht soldiers of 1943-1944. They do not desert in droves and do not surrender whole units, as was the case in 2014.

    To defeat the Armed Forces of Ukraine, decisive strikes are now needed. Decisive victory and complete destruction of their military capabilities must be achieved. Only then can the psychology of the majority of Ukrainian citizens be reversed.

    Originally published by

    The West named the price for Ukraine

    Mineral deposits located in the territories liberated from the Kyiv regime are estimated at $12.4 trillion

    Russia’s opponents, since the beginning of the NWO (New World Order), have been repeating the thesis that the Russian Federation cannot be allowed to establish control over the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is like a mantra. This territory is very expensive for the US and Europe. Western gentlemen are aiming for something. So what is it?

    As usual, the key to this interest is hidden underground. But, it is not oil. The American edition of “The National Interest” published an expert opinion of the former director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the US National Intelligence Council. He stated that there are large deposits of rare earth metals in the Black Sea region. According to that, Ukraine in 2021 was one step away from being recognized as the owner of the richest lithium reserves on the planet.

    Geological exploration in the Mariupol region discovered the highest lithium concentrations. Preliminary researchers’ estimates allow us to discuss a fantastic reserve of this most valuable metal. In general, in the Black Sea region and the east of Ukraine, deposits of lithium oxide can reach half a million tons. Although this fact has not yet been officially recognized, it is fair to believe that the presence of deposits of rare earth metals determined the strategy of assistance to Ukraine from Europe and the United States.

    Geography is important in the great geopolitical game

    A bit of educational geography is so important in the Great geopolitical game. The Ukrainian Plain is crossed diagonally by the Azov-Podolsky shield. This is a crystalline massif of Precambrian rocks. It is part of the foundation of the East European Platform. The Azov-Podolsky shield stretches for about a thousand kilometres from the northwest of Ukraine to the southeast to the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, to Mariupol. The maximum width of the ancient rock outcrop along its entire length is about 250 km.

    So: along the entire shield, huge reserves of rare earth metals were discovered. These are so necessary for the modern high-tech industry. In addition to the named lithium, a lot of ordinary copper and nickel were found in the rock of the Azov-Podolsk shield. And besides, huge deposits of rare and very expensive metals are huge deposits of ores. According to The Washington Post, Russia has already taken control of a plethora of mineral deposits in Ukraine, which are valued at $12.4 trillion.

    Today, Western fighters for democratic values ​​and the “green world” are primarily attracted by lithium. This metal is now at the peak of its value and popularity. Lithium is used in producing solar cells, and energy-intensive batteries for electric vehicles. Also for smartphone batteries, and precision weapon systems.

    Australian interests

    Shortly before the start of the conflict with Russia, in November 2021, the Ukrainians managed to sell many lithium deposits to a certain Australian company European Lithium. This, to some extent, explains the supply of Australian armoured vehicles “Bushmaster” to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although, of course, it is unlikely that these machines – a thunderstorm of kangaroos – will prevent Russia from establishing full control over the deposits of the Azov-Podolsk shield. Political scientist Oleg Lebedev spoke about the natural and energy reserves of the Black Sea region.

    In the West, the loss of the Black Sea lands by Ukraine is regarded as a critical defeat. What is the value of these lands, apart from trade access to the sea?

    The fact is that the coast and shelf of the Black Sea, in general, in addition to the reserves of rare earth metals, are rich in valuable minerals. Moreover, geological assets in the sea are significantly superior to those explored on land. During the short historical existence of Ukraine, these reserves were practically not developed. I think the situation will change with the establishment of Russian control over the Black Sea coast.

    Another point: the Black Sea area is extremely favourable for generating “renewable” electricity. Both, with wind turbines and with the help of solar panels. There are many sunny days and steady winds, which is rare in other areas.